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Mosul Campaign Day 74, Dec 29, 2016

The second phase of the Mosul campaign officially opened on December 29. Offensive operations actually started on December 24 when several east Mosul neighborhoods were attacked. The new push involves units from the Golden, 16th, 15th, 9th Divisions, along with the Federal Police, SWAT, and Hashd al-Watani, a militia backed by Turkey, which follows former Ninewa Governor Atheel Nujafi. There are three lines of attack, one from the northeast, one from the east, and another from the southeast. It appears the plan is to have the Golden Division supported by the army and Federal Police push in the middle to hold down Islamic State fighters, while the 9th and 16th Divisions, police and the Hashd al-Watani make a pincer move from the north and south encircling all of east Mosul. The U.S. just knocked out the last bridge crossing the Tigris River that connects west and east sides of the city to trap IS forces in the latter. It also blew up a makeshift boat bridge IS had constructed across the river. American artillery is also supporting the attack. The ISF is also shelling the city extensively in a change of tactics. Before the Iraqi forces were trying to keep civilian casualties low, but with their own losses mounting and the original push into the city having stalled it is now willing to accept the consequences.

Twenty-one neighborhoods were involved in the day’s operations, five of which were newly entered, with the other 16 having been liberated or attacked before. The Golden Division freed Quds in the east for the fourth time. IS has constantly re-infiltrate into areas, plus some have been declared liberated when they were not. The Iraqi Forces (ISF) for example found six IED factories in Gogjali an east Mosul suburb, which was entered at the very end of October, yet the insurgents were still working there two months later. During the days fighting 47 car bombs were destroyed and at least two suicide bombers killed. IS snipers also killed 15 people.

Neighborhoods In East Mosul Attacked Dec. 29, 2016
Quds – Originally attacked 11/1/16, freed 4 times
Karama – Originally attacked 10/31/16, freed 3 times
Intisar – Originally attacked 11/1/16, freed 3 times
Salam – Originally attacked 11/11/16, freed 2 times
Palestine – Originally attacked 11/13/16, freed 1 time
Hadbaa – Originally attacked 11/15/16
Nassir – Originally attacked 11/17/16
Sumer – Originally attacked 11/30/16
Wahda – Originally attacked 11/30/16
Sukar – Originally attacked 12/3/16, freed 1 time
Mithaq – Originally attacked 12/6/16
Shaimaa – Originally attacked 12/6/16
Dumiz – Originally attacked 12/6/16
Muthanna – Originally attacked 12/7/16, freed 1 time
Siha – Originally attacked 12/7/16, freed 1 time
Mazare – Originally attacked 12/19/16
Maqbara – Newly entered
Muhandis – Newly entered
Yarmja – Newly entered
Sinai – Newly entered
Madaat – Newly entered

In the north, outside of Mosul the army and Hashd al-Watani freed the towns of Tawila and Sadah. Eight car bombs were destroyed in the process. The first village had been declared liberated before on December 24.

The number of displaced people continued its upward trend. On October 20 there were just 5,640 people registered with the government and aid agencies. That jumped to 15,804 on October 27, 21,791 on November 3, 45,294 on November 10, 58,716 on November 17, 68,964 on November 24, 77,046 on December 1, 82,698 on December 8, 96,864 on December 15, 108,624 on December 22, and finally 116,292 by December 29. Those figures have fluctuated day to day as some people go back and more flee. On December 26 for example, there were 116,490 registered displaced, but that went down to 115,242 on December 27 before going back up the next two days. There are several hundred more that are homeless within the city, but have chosen to stay either because they want to be near their residences or are trapped by the fighting.


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