Sunday, February 2, 2020

Conflicts Between Protesters And Sadrists Over Their Return And New Interim Premier

Protesters in Basra against PM designate Allawi (Al Mirbad)

The naming of former Communications Minister Mohammed Allawi as the designate premier and the return of the Sadrists to the protest squares has led to new conflicts.

First, Mohammed Allawi was officially named as the designate prime minister on February 1. He called for a continuation of the protests to keep the pressure on the ruling parties to carry out reforms, and promised to hold those responsible for the deaths of demonstrators accountable. He was not well received by the street however as every major city in the south and Baghdad held marches against his appointment. Since he was made premier via a deal between Moqtada al-Sadr’s Sairoon and Badr’s Hadi Amiri’s Fatah the protests consider Allawi part of the establishment when they want new faces to rule the country. Dealing with the demonstrations will be one of Allawi’s toughest and most important jobs.

The second problem arose when Sadr’s followers returned to Baghdad’s Tahrir Square. On January 31, the first day they came back there were small skirmishes between protesters and Sadrists. Then the Sadrists took over the Turkish Restaurant building, which overlooks the square, while getting into fights with those that opposed Allawi becoming the new leader. Sadr abandoned the protests for a deal with Iran, but when that fell apart he called for his people to go back to the sit-in sites. Rather than apologize for his flip flop it appears that he wants to impose his agenda upon the demonstrations. There’s the added twist that the Sadr movement split as well with some never having left the sit-ins. This could be a major crisis for the demonstrations if they have to face internal divisions while dealing with the constant attacks of the army, police and Hashd.


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gj/bb said...

All this more confirmation of my "Sadr is a coward" theory!!!

Also I seem to remember he was addicted to video games back in the post invasion days?

Which political party does this new PM come from Joel?

Joel Wing said...

The video game kid theory was big in 03-04 but I'm not sure how true it was.

The new PM is an independent which mean she'll be in the same hole that Abdul Mahdi found himself in with no political backing and powerless vs the ruling parties.

gj/bb said...

Never seen any evidence that Sadre has much of an intellect. Why else would he hide in Iran?

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