Monday, May 1, 2017

Mosul Campaign Day 196, Apr 30, 2017

The Iraqis have moved their forces for a new assault on west Mosul. Elements of the Golden Division have shifted to the Badush district northwest of the city to link up with the 9th Division and the Hashd’s Al-Abbas Division that have been there for a few weeks now. They seized the western gate to Mosul, and are planning to attack four neighborhoods from that direction. The Defense Ministry estimated that just 35% of the city remained under Islamic State control. The plan for the battle remains the same. The Golden Division oversees freeing of most the city, while the police are holding down Islamic State fighters in the Old City. The 9th Division and Hashd were supposed to have opened a northwest front in Mosul weeks ago, but halted outside of the city instead. They are finally joining the fight in the city.

Intense fighting continued in the Old City. The insurgents counter attacked and temporarily seized two positions. The commander of the 5th Federal Police Division was relieved as a result.

The Hashd are still moving towards the Syrian border. Five villages were liberated as a result. Asaib Ahl Al-Haq spokesman Jawad Talabawi told the press that after this operation was finished the Hashd would take Tal Afar. That’s still undecided as officials have said only the army and police would be allowed in the town, while also stating that the Hashd would be given the task. Turkey has complained that the Hashd are a threat to the Turkmen population of the village, and Baghdad has held off on attacking Tal Afar as a result. That has greatly frustrated the Hashd who have surrounded the town for months, and was what led them to head towards Syria. That raised some controversy as well as an army division was supposed to be included, but was not, and Prime Minister Abadi did not acknowledge the taking of Hatra, while he always notes victories.

Speaking of Hatra, several officials from the town complained that 100-250 men from Hatra were detained by tribal Hashd forces as they were heading towards Hamam al-Alil, the main checkpoint for displaced in Ninewa. The Hashd claimed they were connected to the Islamic State.


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