Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mosul Campaign Day 205-206 May 9-10 2017

Comparison of maps 5/6/17 vs 5/9/17 shows recent advances in northwest Mosul (Ninewa Media)

The Iraqi forces (ISF) moved further into northwest Mosul. On May 9, the Tammuz 30 neighborhood was freed, while the Harmat 2 and 3, and July 17 areas were under attack. On May 10, Harmat 3 and Maamil were liberated, and Islah al-Zirahi and Hawi Kanisa were assaulted. General Mahdi Abbas Abdallah of the Rapid Reaction Division said that Islamic State fighters were attempting to flee the city. On the other hand, the Army Chief of Staff General Othman al-Ghanami predicted that the Mosul campaign would be over before the start of Ramadan. Starting in March the battle reached a turning point. While the Golden Division was pushing through the center of West Mosul, the Interior Ministry’s forces were stuck in the Old City with no real movement. That forced a change in strategy with the army’s 9th Division backed by police units entering the northern section of the city. That was supposed to happen much earlier, but the Iraqis still have problems coordinating all their forces due to the multiple commands they operate under. The Islamic State had no real defenses in the north allowing the new line of attack to quickly advance. Now the north is largely freed and that front has connected with the Golden Division that has taken the center. Together they are now moving towards the Tigris River to take the last section of West Mosul in the east. Mosul has been the most intense urban warfare the government forces have faced, and it will be their largest victory as well when it’s all over.

The new offensive is increasing the number of people flowing out of Mosul. Over 24,000 people arrived at Hamam al-Alil south of the city from May 5-8. The United Nations opened a new displacement called Hasansham U2. The first busload of people arrived there on May 8. This will supplement the Hamam al-Alil 2 camp that was opened in April and is already almost full. Because most of the camps south of Mosul are at capacity or overflowing many people are now moving to east Mosul after being checked in at Hamam al-Alil. The first large group of people, approximately 1,800, were also taken back to west Mosul. Since the battle in Mosul has picked back up in May the number of people fleeing the city has increased, and reversed April’s trend of more people leaving camps then arriving. The trend often fluctuates back and forth depending upon the intensity of the fighting inside the city.


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Roberto said...

One question I always had while looking at these maps is regarding the northeastern area of West Mosul. and why it's the only one with a picture in it (a building and some palm trees). Well, more of a curiosity than a question really, but why does it stand apart? Is it special in any way?

Joel Wing said...

Yes noticed that too. Not sure because don't now what's in that part of the city.

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