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Mosul Campaign Day 210 May 14 2017

Comparison of West Ninewa maps from 5/6/17 vs 5/14/17 shows the quick advance the Iraqi forces have made since they attacked the northwest sector (Ninewa Media Cell)

The Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) are closing the noose on the last areas of west Mosul held by the Islamic State. The Iqtisadin neighborhood was freed, Ureibi was attacked, and there was on going fighting in Bab al-Tob, Farouq, Bab al-Jadid, Tamuz 17, and Zinjali. A general from the Golden Division said that the insurgents were spent and exhausted, while the Federal Police commander General Shakir Jawadat estimated that the entire city would be freed by the end of May or the start of June at the latest. That sounded like a more realistic timeframe than the army chief of staff who talked about the end of the campaign in a few days to two weeks at most. Iraqi statements are always full of propaganda, so they need to be taken with a big grain of salt. What is undisputed is that the new attack upon northwest Mosul has gained huge results and the area under IS control is quickly shrinking.

The renewed fighting in Mosul is forcing out thousands of people. 3,000 fled the Rifai, Najar, and Ureibi neighborhoods, and another 4,000 left Tamuz 17. The security forces sent the displaced (IDPs) to Hamam al-Alil for screening and registration. The Islamic State was accused of shooting 64 people trying to escape their control over the last few days. On the other hand, the Displacement Ministry reported 4,784 people left camps in Qayara and Hamam al-Alil and returned to fifteen neighborhoods in Mosul. There is a constant flow of people in and out of Mosul. Many IDPs are now leaving the city, checking in at Hamam al-Alil, and then moving to east Mosul so that they can be close to their homes when the fighting dies down. That has been complicated because of flooding, which has shut down the bridges across the Tigris River. People are taking boats, but it is a much slower and costly process than the buses that were available before.

The Hashd are in the third day of their offensive in western Ninewa. Two Yazidi villages were under attack, while a third was freed. The Hashd upped the number of towns the liberated the day before from 6 to 10. The first objective of the new operation is to seize Qayrawan, which is now surrounded on three sides. After that they will move on Baaj, which is a suspected IS base, and then move towards the Syrian border.


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