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Security In Iraq May 1-7, 2017

There was another record low number of security incidents in Iraq the first week of May 2017. Casualties on the other hand were about average for the year.

There were just 105 incidents in Iraq from May 1-7, 2017. That was the lowest recorded total for a full week since Musings On Iraq began following security in 2013. By province there were 50 incidents in Ninewa, 22 in Baghdad, 8 in Anbar, 7 in Diyala, 6 in Salahaddin, 5 in Kirkuk, 3 in Babil and Basra each, and 1 in Dohuk. The dip in attacks was due to a drop in incidents in Ninewa. As the battle for the city is winding down there have been fewer attacks reported.

The number of casualties was average even though attacks were down. There were 396 killed and 463 wounded. 3 Peshmerga, 3 Hashd, 50 members of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF), and 340 civilians lost their lives, and 9 Peshmerga, 17 Hashd, 24 ISF, and 413 civilians were injured.

Ninewa led the country in deaths again. There were 322 there, along with 32 in Anbar, 11 in Baghdad, 10 in Kirkuk, 7 in Diyala, 3 in Basra and Salahaddin each, 2 in Babil, and 1 in Dohuk.

The Islamic State continued their comeback in Anbar. There were just 8 incidents in Anbar, but 32 dead and 40 wounded. The insurgents attacked the security forces several times including an assault upon an army base in Saqar, and a suicide bomber targeting a patrol. A suicide car bomb hit a market in Haditha, an IED went off in a crowd in Fallujah, and two suicide bombers were killed in Ramadi, which detonated their explosives. The provincial officials have been complaining for months that violence is increasing, and called for Baghdad’s aid. They want the government to free the western section of Anbar, which remains under IS control. Small, limited operations have been launched, but no real effort will be made to seize the insurgent areas until Mosul is finished. That will mean more of these types of incidents

A suicide bomber attacked Jurf al-Sakhr once again. The week before there were several more mass casualty bombings in the town. It’s not clear whether this marks a return of the Islamic State to the area or whether they were just harassing attacks from Baghdad or Anbar.

Security in Baghdad continued to improve. There were just 22 incidents with 11 dead and 36 injured. Since the Mosul operation started attacks in the capital province have dramatically decreased to the lowest level in years. 11 deaths for example used to be an average day’s total, now that is an average week. That didn’t mean the militants completely ignored Baghdad as two suicide car bombs were destroyed during the week.

Nearly every week local politicians in Diyala, Kirkuk, and Salahaddin complain about IS either controlling territory or returning. There were two security sweeps in Diyala in response, but they made no real impact. During the week, all three provinces were quiet. There were only 5 incidents in Kirkuk, 6 in Salahaddin, and 7 in Diyala. As usual despite the low figures the militants were still aiming towards mass casualty attacks. In Diyala, 3 car bombs were destroyed in two separate incidents. In Kirkuk IS attacked a Peshmerga base that included suicide bombers. In Salahaddin 2 suicide bombers hit Samarra, and three more were killed in Balad.

As usual, Ninewa drove the security situation in the country. There were 50 incidents leading to 332 killed and 354 wounded. The Islamic State was accused of executing 75 people. Coalition and Iraqi air strikes and artillery were blamed for another 191 deaths and 307 injured. There are only a few areas of Mosul still under insurgent control, which means fewer casualties are being reported, especially amongst civilians. They are still the overwhelming victims with 301 losing their lives and 348 being wounded during the week. There were likely many more casualties that never got into the press.

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