Monday, September 16, 2019

Hashd’s 30th Brigade In Ninewa Assaults Dep Governor and MP

The Hashd’s 30th Brigade showed once again why Prime Ministers Haidar Abadi and Adil Mahdi both ordered them to leave Mosul and the Ninewa Plains. The unit stopped the motorcade of Ninewa Deputy Governor Sirwan Rozbayani and Parliamentarian Shirwan Dobardani at a checkpoint in Gojali just outside of east Mosul, and got into an altercation. Four bodyguards of the two politicians were detained and injured, and only released an hour later.

In August 2018 and then in July 2019 PM Abadi and PM Mahdi issued orders for the brigade to leave Ninewa, but it refused. The 30th Brigade has been accused of forcing Christians out of towns, confiscating property, blocking aid groups from entering, extorting money at checkpoints, running the scrap metal business in Mosul, illegal arrests and kidnappings. The commander of the unit Waad Qado was sanctioned by the United States in July as well. Instead of complying with Premier Mahdi, the group staged two days of protests on the Mosul-Irbil road. Rather than confronting the Hashd, the prime minister sent a delegation to Ninewa, who worked out a deal for the 30th Brigade to stay put. Having faced down Baghdad, they continue with their strong arm tactics as shown with the deputy governor and MP. The government was silent about this incident because Mahdi has proven to be a feckless leader. Once again, a Hashd brigade has shown that it follows its own will rather than the authorities despite being a part of the Iraqi forces. 


Ghafuri, Lawk, “Brigade 30 of Hashd al-Shaabi attack a convoy of the Kurdish MP Dubardani and deputy governor of #Mosul Rozhbayani in Gogjali area in Nineveh province. According to MP Dubardani media office Hashd kidnapped 4 of the MP and deputy governor guards and freed them after an hour.” 9/11/19

Rudaw, “The Popular Mobilization interferes with the deputy governor of Nineveh and a parliamentarian and assaults their security,” 9/11/19

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