Thursday, November 28, 2019

Iraq Protests Escalate Once Again

Iranian Consulate in Najaf was burned by protesters (Al Mirbad)

Iraq’s protests have escalated once again, this time across the south. Roads and oil fields are being blocked and buildings are being set ablaze once more. This is likely in response to the government’s inability to carry out any meaningful reforms.

Demonstrators have started targeting the economy more systematically. In Babil’s Hillah, Basra city and other sections of the province, in Dhi Qar’s Nasiriya and anther district, in Karbala city, and in Najaf city major roads, highways, and bridges have been blocked over the last two days. In Basra, there have also been sit-ins in front of Um Qasr Port, and the West Qurna 1 and Majnoon oil fields, which have constantly been broken up by the security forces only for people to return at a later date. Government offices were also shut down in Basra city and Najaf. For weeks now there have been demonstrations off and on at Um Qasr, which is the country’s most important port. Later that was expanded to Khor al-Zubayr port. That cost Iraq billions of dollars, which led to clearance operations by the security forces. People eventually began going to oil fields, and now transportation. These are the economic life bloods of the country. Since Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi refuses to step down, and the government has not offered any serious reforms, the protest movement has decided to pick new targets to increase the pressure upon the authorities. Unless oil production is affected, this is unlikely to work.

Anger continues to boil amongst the crowds. In Nasiriya the government and a security building were burned, along with the houses of two politicians. In Karbala, protesters tried to storm the government building, and in Najaf the Iranian consulate was set ablaze. When the demonstrations first started in October a series of government and political parties’ offices were set on fire. In Dhi Qar especially, a number of houses have been burned down for the last two months. The Iranian consulate in Karbala was also targeted. These are all signs that the demonstrators are angry not only at the political establishment, but Iran as well, which supports many of the ruling parties.


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