Monday, November 4, 2019

Nov 3 Civil Disobedience Across Iraq

Protesters under the bridge heading to the Green Zone (Rudaw)

November 3 activists called for a general strike. In Baghdad, people shut off major roads and highways in nine neighborhoods. Two more people were killed in Tahrir Square by the security forces. The Human Rights Commission also asked the government to explain where activist Siba al-Mahdawi is. She was abducted on November 2 on her way home from Tahrir. Students did not go to class at two universities in Babil. Roads were also blocked in Zubayr, and the ones leading to Um Qasr port, Faiha and Majnoon oil fields. Government workers walked out in Nasiriya, and there were protests at the Kattia oil field, and the house of the secretary general of the cabinet was attacked once more in Dhi Qar. The Iranian consulate in Karbala was assaulted and the crowd tried to light it ablaze. The Al-Shaib border crossing with Iran was blocked, most students went on strike, and a road to an oil company was cut in Maysan. Two bridges were blocked in Muthanna, students and government workers walked off the job or out of school in Najaf, people filled the streets in Kut in Wasit, and there were work and school stoppages in Baquba, Khalis and Muqtadiya in Diyala. The government condemned the action, but it turned out to be wildly successful. While it didn’t turn into a real general strike, there were plenty of stoppages across the country. This was another sign that the demonstrations have reached a new level, which Baghdad cannot ignore.

If reports are to be believed Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi is no longer willing to step down. Al Aalem ran a story that the premier and Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds Force commander General Qassim Suleimani met with Moqtada al-Sadr and talked him out of demanding Abdul Mahdi resign. The prime minister has also said that a replacement needs to be named before he will leave. A member of the Nasr list said that it and the rival Fatah can’t agree upon that, which means Abdul Mahdi is safe for now. In another sign of support, a Kurdistan Democratic Party lawmaker told the media that a majority of parliament stood behind the prime minister. Given this situation Abdul Mahdi is feeling more emboldened and called for the protests to end, and accused some of them of being outlaws for destroying property. A few days before President Barham Salah claimed that the prime minister was going to leave office. Now with the backing of Iran and the Kurds that doesn’t appear to be happening. That is the number one demand of the demonstrations, which puts the situation at an impasse. Any talk of reforms or elections has no meaning if the PM is going to be staying on.


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