Friday, November 29, 2019

One Of The Deadliest Days Of Protests At Least 25 Killed In Nasiriya

(Al Mirbad)

Dhi Qar has consistently had the most confrontations between the protesters and the security forces (ISF). On November 28 things exploded there in one of the deadliest days since the unrest started in October.

Things began with the security forces attempting to clear Nasiriya’s bridges, but things quickly escalated. For the past few days demonstrators blocked off the main bridges in the city crossing the Euphrates. On November 28, the ISF moved to open those two spans. The use of live ammunition and tear gas led to 25 deaths. The angry crowd burned a police station in retaliation, and Baghdad sent reinforcements to the city. More might have died later in the night. Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi removed the head of the brand new Dhi Qar crisis cell that had just been announced that day upon request of Governor Adel Dukhaili. The governor then resigned himself over the violence. In Total, from November 27-28 32 people had been killed by the security forces in Nasiriya. This was one of the deadliest days for protesters. It was also one of the few times a politician stepped down because of the violence used.

Baghdad has gotten the majority of media coverage of the protests, but Dhi Qar has been a flashpoint for the unrest since the start. The government building twice and the Badr, Asaib Ahl Al-Haq, Dawa, Hikma, Sarya Khorasani, Sayid al-Shuhada, Imam Ali Brigade, and various agencies’ offices, along with the governor’s home were burned. That led members of the Hashd to fire into crowds. Various politicians have had their residences attacked. Major roads and bridges have been cut off. This reflected the anger of the demonstrators against the political establishment and elements of the Hashd. Dozens of people have been killed and even more wounded in these actions, but November 28 was the worst day for casualties in the province. Killing people has been counterproductive because the government hasn’t unleashed enough violence to clear the streets, and instead just creates more hatred at the authorities. It is a condemnation of the government that it has used these tactics and killed over 300 people in response to the public asking for change.


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