Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Pro-Iran Hashd Continue Attacks Upon US Interests In Iraq

Pro-Iran Attacks Against US Interests In Iraq – January 2020
Type of Attack
Jan 4
Jadriya, Baghdad

Green Zone, Baghdad

Balad Air Base, Salahaddin
Jan 5
Green Zone, Baghdad
Jan 8
Green Zone, Baghdad
Jan 12
Balad Air Base, Salahaddin
Jan 14
Camp Taji, Baghdad

On January 2 the United States killed Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds Force commander General Qasim Suleimani and the deputy head of the Hashd Commission Abu Muhandis in Baghdad. The Iranians responded by firing ballistic missiles at the Ain Assad base in Anbar that houses U.S. forces and Irbil airport on January 7. Tehran’s Iraqi allies said they would have their day as well, which has been playing out with a constant barrage of mortars and rockets on American interests in Iraq.

Qais Khazali of Asaib Ahl Al-Haq (AAH) warned that the pro-Iran Hashd wanted payback for Abu Muhandis. On January 8 Khazali said that Iran had responded to General Suleimani, and now it was time for the Iraqis to do the same for Muhandis. That’s what’s occurring now.

In January there have been seven incidents aimed at U.S. interests that have the mark of groups allied with Iran. On January 4, rockets hit the Green Zone in Baghdad and Balad Air Base in Salahaddin, along with mortars landing in the Jadriya neighborhood in the capital,  The next day and January 8 more rockets hit the Green Zone. Then on January 12 Balad was targeted again, followed by more missiles fired at Camp Taji in northern Baghdad province on January 14. After the attack upon Balad Harakat al-Nujaba Tweeted that the Iran’s allies were behind the attack. While this fire has been aimed at the Americans only Iraqis have been the victims. Five civilians and nine soldiers have been wounded as a result.

Pro-Iran groups seem undeterred. If one of these attacks kills an America as occurred in December the Trump administration will likely carry out another strike against them. These Hashd units don't seem to care however wanting to show that they are opposed to the U.S. presence in Iraq, and motivated by the deaths of Suleimani and Muhandis.


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samir sardana said...

The Ukranian plane crash stinks !

As soon as the Iranian BM were in the air - the Iranians would and should have closed their airspace ! Why did they not do it ? It takes a second.

That the Ukranian plane veered to the IRG HQ near the airport,or that the radar or transponder pods,on the plane were off or put off - is all bullshit.The Iranian ADS would know all the commercial flight schedules of the day,and would also know the RCS of a Boeing,and the time of its takeoff (from its own airport!).

Even if the Americans jets were to make a raid into Iran - the ADS at the land border,would pick them up and the jets would fly at 20-25000 feet.The Ukranian plane was at take off stage -less than 10000 feet.How could the Iranian ADS at Tehran,assume that the projectile was a Cruise Missile - at low altitude ?

American jets were in the air in Iraq,even before the BM launch by Iran - and must have been tracked by the Iranian ADS and Radars.

Not 1 American Killed in the Ukranian Flight ! Not 1 EU killed in the flight ! 90% were Iranians ! That is why the Iranians came out on the streets - AS IRANIANS WERE KILLED ON THE FLIGHT !

Ain't no coincidence ! It is the Americans who might have jammed the communications between the flight and the Iranian ADS - and also jammed the Iranian ADS - to cause the Iranian Hit ! The aim was to discredit the IRG and the Iranian Elite - by making the Persians kill Persians on Persian Soil - blowing the myths around the Quds,Basij, IRG and the clergy - and start a Tahrir !

There can be no other reason ! Americans can jam any Iranian ADS - except the S-400 systems - as also,proven by the IAF raids in Syria - right upto the Syrian Presidential Palace.The Yankii hacked the Iranian Nuke enrichment plants - hacking into the Being coordinates and radars,would be a cakewalk.

Iranians/Russians allow the killing of Soleimani , Iranians Miss all the targets in Iraq , Do not close their airspace after launching of BM AND SHOOT DOWN A NATO PLANE FULL OF IRANIANS - with no American or EU casualties !

S-T-I-N-K !

During Indo-Pak conflict in 2019 the Hindoo worms shot their own chopper near the IB.That was due intense radar clutter and noise and EW from both sides of the border.dindooohindoo

The Ukranian plane was shot 10000 feet in the air - in TEHRAN, hundreds of miles from the IB with Iraq ! And there is a complete RECORDING by some human on the ground - who was there at the right time and right place. 2 Missiles were fired ! TWO ! The 2nd was to make sure - a MAN behind the MANPAD !

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