Sunday, January 19, 2020

This Day In Iraqi History - Jan 19

1948 Kurds from Iraq and Iran met in Baku Soviet Union Mustafa Barzani led plans for
Kurdish movement
(Musings On Iraq book review of The Kurds, A Modern History)
(Musings On Iraq book review Kurds of Iraq, Tragedy and Hope)
1987 Iran started phase II of Op Karbala 5 Reached Jasim River 6 miles from Basra City Caused
2000 Iraqi casualties Population of Basra started leaving
(Musings On Iraq interview with author Anthony Tucker-Jones on Iran-Iraq War)
(Musings On Iraq interview with author Tom Cooper on Iran-Iraq War)
(Musings On Iraq book review The Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988)
(Musings On Iraq book review Iran-Iraq War, The Lion of Babylon, 1980-1988)
(Musings On Iraq book review The Iran-Iraq War)
(Musings On Iraq book review Iran-Iraq War Volume 3: Iraq’s Triumph)
1991 Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim said that Supreme Council was against US aggression vs Iraq
over its Kuwait invasion
1991 US 5th Special Forces Group entered Iraq to carry out covert ops behind Iraqi lines during
Gulf War
1991 Iraqi terrorist tried to bomb US Information Service HQ in Philippines in retaliation for Gulf
1992 Report Saudis pushed US to help foment military coup in Iraq to topple Saddam
2003 US offered Saddam immunity if he departed Iraq to avert war
2003 Pentagon officials opposed to Sec Def Rumsfeld’s invasion plan complained to Time that Rumsfeld
was taking over deployment orders for invasion
(Musings On Iraq article on how pro/anti-Rumsfeld factions leaked stories to press over 2003 Iraq invasion plans)
(Musings On Iraq book review Plan of Attack: The Definitive Account Of The Decision To Invade Iraq)
2003 Fmr UN inspector David Kay OpEd in Wash Post said UN weapons inspectors would never
find any hard evidence against Iraq
(Musings On Iraq article UN Inspectors Were Right Iraq Was Not A Threat)
(Musings On Iraq article Iraq’s Rejection of UN Inspectors Led To Mistrust Over WMD and 2003 Invasion)
2004 Iraqi Governing Council went to UN to ask it for help with transition to sovereignty against
wishes of CPA
2004 100,000 marched in Baghdad supporting Ayatollah Sistani’s call for early elections
(Musings On Iraq book review The Occupation of Iraq, Winning The War, Losing The Peace)
(Musings On Iraq book review Patriotic Ayatollahs, Nationalism In Post-Saddam Iraq)
(Musings On Iraq book review Squandered Victory, The American Occupation And the Bungled Effort to Bring Democracy to Iraq)
2004 US Cmdr in Iraq Gen Sanchez ordered secret investigation into Abu Ghraib prison abuse
2007 Iraqi cabinet committee finished draft of Hydrocarbon Law Was never passed
2007 US arrested Abdul al-Daraji and Ali Smaisin for running death squads for Sadr
2007 Sadr ordered his MPs and ministers back to work Started boycott after PM Maliki met with
Bush and refused to demand US forces leave
2007 Report Gen Abadi Deputy Chief of Staff of ISF said corruption was eating away at the armed
forces US got rid of Iraqi army commander in Fallujah who was connected to militias who was stealing fuel and weapons and selling them on black market in Baghdad and taking pay from soldiers Iraqi govt report said that police were kidnapping people for money forging documents and gave info to insurgents
2008 National Security Adviser Rubaie was trapped inside mosque by angry Sadrists crowd ISF had to
            rescue him
2010 Report Maliki govt claimed 15,000 Sahwa gotten jobs in ISF 33,000 positions in govt Said by
middle of 2010 all Sahw would be integrated Never happened
(Musings On Iraq More Sons of Iraq Integrated While Others Walk Off The Job In Diyala)
2014 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi told his fighters to march towards Baghdad 

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