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This Day In Iraqi History - Jan 24

1969 Former MP Bajari during spy trial claimed opposition leaders were trying to
overthrow Pres Bakr’s govt
1970 42 more sentenced to death for coup plot against Pres Bakr
2003 Gen Franks presented final war plan to Sec Def Rumsfeld and Joint Chiefs head Gen Myers
(Musings On Iraq book review of Shaping the Plan for Operation Iraqi Freedom, The Role of Military
(Musings On Iraq book review Leap of Faith, Hubris Negligence, and America’s Greatest Foreign Policy
2003 PM Blair sent note to Bush suggesting delaying Iraq invasion for a month to allow more time for
postwar planning
2003 UK Foreign Office legal adv Sir Wood told Foreign Sec Straw that Britain could not go to
war with Iraq without a 2nd UN resolution
(Musings On Iraq Book Review The Report of the Iraq Inquiry, Executive Summary)
2003 IAEA told Wash Post aluminum tubes Iraq tried to buy were wrong for nuke program
(Musings On Iraq article on the aluminum tubes story)
2003 Archaeologists and scholars briefed Pentagon about historical sites in Iraq that should be
spared from bombing
2003 DIA report repeated CIA reporting on Iraq-Niger uranium deal and Navy reported uranium
was in a warehouse in Benin Said Iraq could have gotten uranium
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2003 2nd NYTimes article on Iraqi defector Haideri provided by INC Said that he’d led to dozens of
DIA reports on Iraq’s WMD DIA labeled him a fabricator May 02 story continued to be used
2003 Defense Policy Board’s Richard Perle accused CIA of being biased against INC so it wouldn’t
interview people like Haideri
(Musings On Iraq review Losing Iraq, Inside The Post War Reconstruction Fiasco by David Phillips)
2004 Iraq Survey Group took INC provided defector Haideri to sites he claimed were WMD and
found nothing May 02 labeled fabricator by DIA but story continued to be used
2004 7,000 Kurds marched for a new federal Iraq
2006 Report Inspector Gen for Iraq Reconstruction found disputes lack of staff and set rules caused
huge delays completing projects
2007 Amb Khalizad asked British to stop troop withdrawal plans UK Foreign Sec Beckett said
drawdown would continue
(Musings On Iraq Book Review The Report of the Iraq Inquiry, Executive Summary)
2007 UK intel report Mahdi Army and Badr behind most attacks upon Sunnis Were powerful groups with
positions in govt and influence in security forces PM Maliki wanted Sadr to rein in Mahdi Army so US didn’t go after militia Maliki opposed any major US ops vs Mahdi Army in Baghdad Maliki wanted to maintain his Shiite base which meant keeping ties to Sadr Maliki govt seen as linked to militias which hindered reconciliation with Sunnis
2008 Report 200 Sahwa killed and 500 wounded Jun-Dec 2007 by ISI 100 were killed just in Jan in
Baghdad and Diyala Increased after Dec 29 message by bin Laden against Awakening/Sahwa
2008 Report 4 yrs after 2 battles of Fallujah city still largely destroyed Only 4 hrs of power Little running
water Sewage system didn’t work 70% unemployment Lack of fuel Tight security hindered trade and development US reconstruction projects small and local and couldn’t address large problems with services Fallujah blamed Baghdad neglect
2009 Basra Ops Cmd began crackdown in province before Jan provincial elections Continued until Apr
(Musings On Iraq article on Basra security op)
2011 2 bombs hit Shiite pilgrims during Arbayeen
2011 Deputy Justice Min denied report prison at Camp Honor Baghdad was under Maliki’s control
Said run by Justice Min Said Red Cross and Human Rights Min had visited facility and found no torture or abuses Said families and lawyers could visit prisoners Red Cross said they were denied access
(Musings On Iraq article on Camp Honor prison)
2014 As fighting and insurgency took off in Anbar when PM Maliki shut down protest sites mass
displacement started UN said 140,000 displaced from Anbar up from 65,000 week before
(Musings On Iraq article on displacement due to fighting in Anbar)
(Musings On Iraq book review Iraq After America, Strongmen, Sectarians, Resistance)
2015 Kurdistan Security Council announced 23 IS leaders killed in fighting Peshmerga Included
Abu Muslim al-Turkmani member of IS Shura Council highest body in group Said to be one of Baghdadi’s top deputies
(Musings On Iraq article on death of IS leaders)
2017 East Mosul officially declared liberated by PM Abadi
(Musings On Iraq Review They Will Have to Die Now: Mosul and the Fall of the Caliphate)
(Musings On Iraq Review Shatter the Nations, ISIS and the War for the Caliphate)

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