Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Iraq Launches Security Op In Response To New Islamic State Offensive

Plenty of weapons were found in sweep through Anbar Ninewa and Salahddin but very few Islamic State members (Buratha News)

In April the Islamic State started a new campaign in Iraq. In response, the government announced a large sweep through Anbar, Ninewa and Salahaddin to cut off the Islamic State’s supply lines. These large operations usually have little to no effect upon the insurgency for a number of reasons.

The Joint Operations Command announced the new security sweep on May 17. It said the focus would be upon cutting the Islamic State’s supply lines through the desert regions of northern Anbar into southern Ninewa and western Salahaddin. It was also meant to secure the electricity lines and stop fields from being burned in those areas. The government constantly has these types of large scale security operations. The problem is they are easily detected which allows the insurgents to escape before they even start. Because they are of short duration as well, the militants move right back into the cleared areas afterward.

This recent operation was no exception. While plenty of IEDs, tunnels, and camps were found hardly any IS members were captured or killed. On the first day for instance, the security forces in Salahaddin claimed they discovered three IS fighters who were killed after being surrounded along with 2 tunnels, 7 dens, and 12 IEDs. Anbar and Ninewa had the same results. The operation was declared a success on May 19. Besides the 3 dead IS members, only four others were arrested. That was proof that the militants fled the area. It’s hard to consider this a triumph when so few insurgents were eliminated. The supply lines were not cut either, because the security forces did not stay in these areas. Without a permanent presence in the countryside and deserts the Islamic State has free reign. These were the same tactics the United States used before the 2007 Surge and proved just as futile gaining the name whack a mole because when one area was hit the insurgents would pop up in another.


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