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This Day In Iraqi History - Jun 5

1920 Ex-Otoman Iraqi officers and Shammar and Jabouri tribes took Tal Afar from British
1926 Turkey and England agreed to have Mosul join Iraq
(Musings On Iraq article on how Mosul province became part of Iraq)
(Musings On Iraq interview with Princeton’s Sara Pursley on Sykes-Picot and creation of Iraq)
(Musings On Iraq book review The Creation of Iraq 1914-1921)
(Musings On Iraq book review Supremacy And Oil, Iraq, Turkey, and the Anglo-American World Order, 1918-1930)
1935 Govt launched final offensive on Duweilim tribe in Rumaitha and ended revolt Tribe
            suffered around 300 casualties
1941 British forces occupied Kirkuk after overthrowing PM Gaylani govt Anglo-Iraq War
1951 Grenade hit Jewish car dealership in Baghdad 6th of 7 such attacks on Jews 1950-51
1967 Iraqi airplanes attacked Jezreel Valley and Afula Israel to little effect Israeli airplanes attacked H-3
airbase west Iraq destroying 22 Iraqi planes
2001 During confirmation hearing future Dep Undersec of Def Feith said Saddam should be overthrown

2002 Czech envoy to UN claimed 9/11 hijacker Atta met with Iraqi intel officer in Prague in 2001 Story
            was false
2002 PM Blair told Sec Def Rumsfeld UK would be with US in any military action against Iraq
(Musings On Iraq article Chilcot Report Volume 2 Sec 3.3 Development of UK Iraq Strategy and Options April to July 2002)
(Musings On Iraq Book Review The Report of the Iraq Inquiry, Executive Summary)
2003 Report VP Cheney and chief of staff Libby made multiple trips to CIA to question analysts about Iraq
intelligence Some CIA analysts complained to press about VP Cheney’s questions
2003 Some US intel officers admitted they didn’t have much new intel on Iraq’s WMD since 1990s
2003 Dep Undersec of Def Feith denied that Iraq intel was politicized before invasion Admitted creating
special Pentagon intel unit to find Iraq-Al Qaeda connections
2003 Bush said no terrorist could get WMD from Iraq because Saddam had been overthrown
2003 Fmr UN inspector Kay told CIA Dir Tenet military not doing good job hunting for Iraq’s WMD
2003 UN Security Council asked US to allow its weapons inspectors back into Iraq
2005 State Dept memo Peshmerga arresting hundreds of Arabs and Turkmen in Kirkuk and taking them to
KRG to establish control of city
2006 Mass grave found with Shiite victims of 1991 uprising
(Musings On Iraq interview with National Univ of Singapore’s Fanar Haddad on the Impact of the 1991 Uprising)
2006 State Dept paper said new Maliki govt ill prepared to rule No experience
2006 State Dept paper argued for limited counterinsurgency strategy in Iraq with limited troop increase
2007 Report head of Islamic Army went to Sudi Arabia to ask clerics there for fatwa against ISI Didn’t get
(Musings On Iraq book review Iraq’s Sunni Insurgency)
(Musings On Iraq book review The Caliphate At War, Operational Realities and Innovations of the Islamic State)
(Musings On Iraq article on splits within insurgency)
2008 Over 100 weapons caches of Mahdi Army found in Sadr City Most weapons came from Iran
Aftermath Charge of Knights
(Musings On Iraq article on Iran’s Iraq policy)
(Musings On Iraq interview with Galen Wright of Arkenstone blog on Iranian arms shipments to Iraqi militias) 
2010 Iraqi army banned Sahwa in Diyala carrying weapons Sahwa replied they would stop working with
2010 Iraqiya member Faris Jabouri assassinated in Mosul 3rd member of Iraqiya killed in city before and
after elections
2010 Iraqiya member killed in Qaim, Anbar by IED
2011 Report violence increasing in Iraq 2010 vs 2011 as insurgency rebuilding
2011 PM Maliki told human rights conference that some human rights groups were actually terrorists and
criticized Baghdad protests
2011 PM Maliki replaced head of Trade Bank of Iraq Arrest warrant issued for old head because didn’t
back Maliki business deal
2011 Rockets fired at Zubayr oil field in Basra Set oil reserves on fire
2012 US intel report attacks by ISI went from 19 per month in 2011 to 25 per month in 2012
2012 KRG Natural Resource Min Hawrami said KRG could reach 2 mil/bar/day in production by 2019
2012 Sadr criticized Asaib Ahl Al-Haq march in Baghdad claiming it was directed by Iran 2 State of
Law officials attended event
(Musings On Iraq article on history of Asaib Ahl Al-Haq)
2012 Sadrists/Mahdi Army members started riots in two different prisons in Baghdad
2012 Report PM Maliki tried to get Sadr kicked out of National Alliance because supported no confidence
2012 Sadr said PM Maliki should be investigated for trying to stop MPs from signing no confidence vote
against him
(Musings On Iraq book review Iraq From War To A New Authoritarianism)
2013 Mass graves found in Irbil and Sulaymaniya with victims of Saddam
2013 Provincial elections in KRG delayed because of problems with election law
2013 Anbar protest movement told Anbar Governor Fahadawi he should not hold talks with Baghdad
2013 Def Min tried to replace 16th Bgd commander a Kurd with a Shiite Arab and commander refused to
give up command Def Min then tried to force 16th Bgd to leave Tuz Kharmato Ministry backed down
2014 PM Maliki said ISIS were being chased like rats and were incapable of fighting the tribes and Iraqi
2014 Report ISIS demanded Army of Mujahadeen in Anbar give it baya
2014 Iraqi Special Forces killed Abu Bilawi ISIS’s military chief of staff
2014 ISIS launched large scale raid upon Samarra Seized several districts before beaten back
(Musings On Iraq article on IS attack on Samarra)
2014 Mosul intel chief warned that ISIS would attack 2 neighborhoods in city That night ISIS began its
attack upon Mosul eventually taking city
2014 Turkey said 2nd tanker of oil exports by Kurds through independent pipeline was being loaded KRG
said 1st tanker of independent oil exports had been sold but was actually told to leave Morocco’s waters
2015 Report thousands of Iraqi fighters going to Syria for new Iranian led offensive there
2015 Report Norway’s DNO owed $500 mil-$1 bil by KRG for non-payments for oil production and
2015 Oil Min Mahdi said oil prices would reach $75 per barrel by end of year Iraq crude dropped to $29
per barrel in Dec
2016 Anbar govt set up investigating into Hashd abuses in Fallujah op
2018 Cabinet committee reported serious election fraud in May election PM Abadi banned Election Comm
from traveling


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