Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Protests Cause Splits Within Iraq’s Security Forces

(Shafaaq News)

As Iraq’s protests head into their third month there are scattered reports that they are causing splits within the security forces (ISF). Some elements are refusing orders to crackdown upon the demonstrations.

Occasional news stories coming out of Iraq mention divisions within the government’s forces about using force and intimidation against the protests. On November 16 for instance, the commander of the Rapid Reaction Division General Thamir al-Husseini told Al Forat that tear gas cannisters had killed protesters. This came after the Defense Minister Najah al-Shammari and Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi’s military spokesman General Abdul Kareem Khalaf denied that the government had caused any deaths. That same day, Al Mada had a story that 30 members of the ISF had resigned in Baghdad over refusing to shoot at demonstrators, and four days later had a similar story. Then on November 24 Al Mada had an article that officers ignored orders to kidnap protesters. Al Jazeera ran a similar story on November 30 that police did not follow commands for a crackdown. It should be no surprise that the unrest in Iraq has caused difficulties for the security forces. Many members are young men just like many of the people that have taken to the streets. Being told to shoot into crowds therefore is not an easy matter. Obviously, the majority of the ISF are doing what they’re told, hence the 400 plus people that have been killed since the start of October. Yet, these few stories show that there are some that are questioning the government’s policy.


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