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Missing 600 From Anbar’s Saqlawiya Finally Found Dead?

Kataib Hezbollah were accused of various abuses of people fleeing the Fallujah battle in 2016 including the abduction of 643 men and boys (Iraqi News)

An Iraqi official told Al Arabiya that the 643 men and boys who disappeared in 2016 during the battle for Fallujah were discovered dead in a mass grave.

In May 2016, the Iraqi forces surrounded the city of Fallujah in the build-up to liberate the city. Hashd units were deployed to the north in the Saqlawiya area. At the very start of June, that town was assaulted, and around 8,000 civilians fled the fighting. Immediately there were reports of abuses like beatings, kidnappings, harassment, and murder of displaced fleeing Saqlawiya by Kataib Hezbollah. Hundreds of people were detained and some were tortured over accusations that they were Islamic State supporters. That was highlighted by the disappearance of 643 men and boys. The Hezbollah Brigade were reportedly taking revenge for the Islamic State massacre at Camp Speicher in 2014. The Anbar governor officially complained about this incident, and the United Nations human rights chief condemned the abduction. Prime Minister Haider Abadi promised an investigation, and a committee was created, but nothing came of it as happens with all government commissions. As the war continued this was largely forgotten.

While the story in Al Arabiya has not been confirmed yet, it is another reminder of the many crimes carried out by the Iraqi forces. Today protesters are complaining about pro-Iran groups like Kataib Hezbollah. During the war however, they were embraced and their crimes were ignored and excused by apologists. Since they were never punished before they continue with these very same types of acts today.


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