Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mosul Campaign Day 40, Nov 25, 2016

There were more advances in Mosul and around Tal Afar. The Golden Division attacked three areas of eastern Mosul. One, Qahira, was originally entered on November 20, while the other two neighborhoods were brand new. In the west, the Hashd liberated four more towns. Baghdad was putting together units from the army and Federal Police to take Tal Afar. Originally, the Hashd said they would seize the town, but a deal was made to have the security forces do it instead to assuage Turkey and Turkmen that had objected, claiming that the Hashd would set off sectarian tensions.

The government was considering changing its stance towards taking Mosul, while the Islamic State cut off services. Originally Baghdad dropped flyers over the city telling the residents to stay in their homes. That was because the authorities and non-governmental organizations had nothing in place to accommodate large amounts of people fleeing the city. Now, those citizens are hindering the battle to seize Mosul. The Iraqi forces (ISF) have complained that they cannot use artillery and air strikes as much as they would like out of fear of causing civilian casualties. Now the ISF is advocating for calling on the populace to leave the battlezone. On the other side, a member of the Ninewa council reported that the Islamic State cut off water to the neighborhoods liberated in eastern Mosul.


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