Monday, November 14, 2016

Mosul Campaign Day Twenty-Eight, Nov 13, 2016

The 9th Division and the Hashd al-Ashayari liberated the historic Nimrod south of Mosul. The town is the site of an ancient Assyrian city. In 2015, the Islamic State destroyed some of the local artifacts claiming they were unIslamic to gain publicity, while likely looting the place as well to sell items on the black market. The neighboring town of Numaniya was also freed, although the 9th Division claimed it went through that back on November 10.

In Mosul, the Karkukli neighborhood was cleared for the third time. Elements of the 9th Division also entered Palestine in the southeast. Locals claimed the Golden Division was forced out of the Qadisiyah area due to IS counterattacks, and there was continued clashes in Intisar as well that has been gone through twice before. In the north, the 16th Division declared that it was preparing to breach the city as well, aiming for the Hadba district. It was still fighting in Sada that was said to be freed on November 6. This will be a continuing story with areas being called liberated again and again. Iraqi forces have a bad habit of making premature announcements. The Islamic State is also continuously trying to re-infiltrate areas hiding amongst civilians and using tunnels that are throughout the city.

Bas News reported that 40 people were executed inside the city on November 13 accused of being collaborators with the government forces. Some of their bodies were hung on poles as been happening for several days now to try to maintain control of the population.


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