Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mosul Campaign Day Fifteen, Oct 31 2016

The Iraqi Security Forces (ISF), Hashd and Peshmerga all continued their push on Mosul with the eastern outskirts finally reached. The Hashd were still complaining about American interference, while talking about taking the war to Syria. Finally there was another story of mass killings by the Islamic State.

More new came out about advances on October 30. The Iraqi army and Golden Division freed four towns including Bazwaya, which is just outside Mosul to the east. The Kurds took four villages, but two they claimed to have taken beforehand. The Hashd with their new front in the southwest liberated another six.

On October 31 the Iraqi forces got to within striking distance of Mosul itself. The Golden Division entered Gogjali just outside Mosul. The Iraqis actually claimed that it was reached six days ago, but that was an exaggeration. Karama was also said to be under attack, but that was later retracted. The army and Federal Police freed 15 villages, and attacked another two including Tal Kief, while the Hashd entered another 21. During the day’s fighting two more reporters were wounded. These latest gains meant that Iraqi artillery could reach the eastern side of Mosul.

The Hashd were still talking about the Americans trying to stop their operations, and threatening to expand the battle from Mosul to Syria. First, Hadi Amiri, the head of the Badr Organization said the Islamic State would still be a threat to Iraq as long as it was in Syria, so the war might have to be taken to them there. This followed similar statements by the National Security Adviser Falah Fayad and one of the main spokesman for the Hashd. Next, Kataib Hezbollah joined Asaib Ahl Al-Haq in accusing the U.S. of trying to block their communications. Badr and other pro-Iranian groups already have thousands of men fighting in Syria. They are now talking about expanding that war after Mosul. Those same organizations have spread conspiratorial stories about the United States since 2014.

In Mosul there were more reports that IS members were coming under attack by resistance groups, while killing more civilians. A group of IS officials were ambushed and killed, while there was another story that 300 people were executed in the town of Moshairefa.


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