Friday, November 18, 2016

Mosul Campaign Day Thirty-Two, Nov 17, 2016

The Golden Division announced it freed five neighborhoods in eastern Mosul. Tahrir and Aden however had been cleared once before, and Khadra three times. That unit along with elements of the 16th Division attacked four other areas of the city, but again one of them, Palestine was declared freed before. There was also mopping up operations in Gogjali, which was the first place entered by the Golden Division in the east.

In the south the Federal Police and Hashd were moving forward. The Federal Police took five towns in the southeast. One of those, Hamza, had been freed twice already. In the southwest the Hashd and Federal Police liberated one village.

The Associated Press reported that there were cloudy skies over Mosul limiting air strikes during the day.

The Canadian Special Forces admitted to taking part in combat in northern Iraq. Their commanding General Michael Rouleau said there had been three incidents over the last month when the Canadians fired anti-tank missiles to destroy incoming Islamic State suicide car bombs while working with the Peshmerga. Canadians have been spotted on the front lines during the Mosul operation with the Kurds providing close support although officially they are supposed to just be trainers.

There was more news on the Islamic State’s crimes. An ARA News story had 32 people executed by the group within Mosul. Human Rights Watch (HRW) also investigated the mass grave discovered in Hamam al-Alil south of Mosul on November 7. Originally, the site was thought to have 100 bodies in it, but HRW thought it might have up to 300. HRW talked with witnesses who said that hundreds of families from up to eight villages were herded into Hamam al-Alil by IS fighters. Then starting on October 28, IS began taking away former police offices who were then killed at the Agricultural College just outside of town.

Finally, Vice President Osama Nujafi told reporters he supported a referendum on the disputed areas in Ninewa, which the Kurds claim after the province had been liberated from the insurgents. He also backed making Ninewa a federal region. His brother ex-Ninewa Governor Atheel Nujafi has made similar comments. They are both aligned with the Kurds, hence their willingness to see parts of the governorate annexed by Kurdistan.


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bb/gj said...

The Nujaifis have aligned themselves with the Kurds? Que?

Joel Wing said...

Happened a long time ago.

bb/gj said...

Hilarious. Presumably in response to the ISIS take over?

Joel Wing said...

No the Najafis came in being anti-Kurd but then switched in 2010 largely due to their alliance with Turkey who also switched its policy towards the Kurds.

bb/gj said...

Ah right - so if Turkey switches then the horse traders will too? That makes sense. The Kurds wouldn't trust any of them.

Joel Wing said...

The Nujafis and Barzani's KDP are Turkey's biggest allies in Iraq. They are also united in their dislike of Baghdad's central govt helped by a whole lot of money and support from Ankara.

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