Friday, November 11, 2016

Mosul Campaign Day Twenty-Five, Nov 10, 2016

In eastern Mosul the Golden Division and army were trying to consolidate their positions and fight off the constant Islamic State counter attacks. One of the reasons for the intense fighting in that section was that it was attacked before other Iraqi forces arrived. That opened up the Golden Division to flank and rear attacks. In previous operations a city has been surrounded and then attacked, this time the Golden Division reached the eastern outskirts of the city and dived in. They will hopefully be receiving some relief soon. The Federal police pushing from the south are supposed to make a move on Mosul airport in two days. IS is said to only have a few thousand fighters in the city and opening a second front will eventually strain their resources.

Iraqi units were making progress in the south and north. The 9th Division took the town of Numaniya. The Federal Police and Sunni forces freed four villages in the Hatra and Nimrod districts, and the 16th Division and Hashd al-Watani took one in the north.

In Mosul IS was still destroying and killing. It executed seven people who were accused of trying to leave the city. Another church was also bulldozed.

Finally, Amnesty International received reports of the Federal Police carrying out summary executions of suspected Islamic State members. On October 21, 10 men and a 16 year old boy were tortured and shot after they had surrendered to the police. Another man was discovered executed near the Mishraq Sulpher Company, and a second man shot while trying to give himself. Prime Minister Haidar Abadi not only denied the story, but accused Amnesty of spreading fear in Ninewa.


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