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Mosul Campaign Day 41, Nov 26, 2016

More information became available about events that occurred on November 25. The Golden Division attacked the Amin neighborhood, while both Qahira and Masarif were freed.

On November 26, there was fighting in the Bakr, Zuhur, Intisar, Judaydat al-Mufti, Salam, Younis Sabawi, and Palestine areas of the city. That was a perfect example of the back and forth battle for the city. Judaydat al-Mufti was originally attacked on November 1, Younis Sabawi on November 11, and Palestine on November 13. Salam and Zuhur have been liberated once each, and Bakr and Intisar have been freed twice. So far the Golden Division and 9th Division have entered 38 neighborhoods of eastern Mosul. 22 of those appear to still be contested, while 16 have been secured. As the events above show however, many of those areas declared freed often get re-infiltrated by the Islamic State.

Progress in Eastern Mosul Neighborhoods
Total Entered: 38
Freed: 16
Still Fighting: 22

On other fronts, the Hashd and Iraqi forces continued to move forward as well. The Hashd went through six towns in the west, and elements of the 9th Division freed one more in the southeast. Elements of the 15th Division and the Ninewa Federal police will have the task of taking on Tal Afar itself. On the other hand, based upon their own statements the Iraqi forces are two weeks behind reaching Mosul itself from the north and south. The Golden Division was the first to reach the city. Instead of waiting for the other units to catch up it moved forward opening itself to attacks from the flanks and rear. Eventually, units from the 9th Division and a separate brigade were shifted to eastern Mosul as well as they were stuck in towns in the south. Two weeks ago the rest of the 9th Division said it would be attacking Mosul airport, and the 15th Division Hadbaa neighborhood in the north. While the Golden Division was always going to take on the bulk of the fighting the push into the north and south was supposed to spread out the Islamic State’s forces. Instead it has been able to focus upon the east. There have been no new timetables released for when the 9th and 15th are supposed to reach their original targets in Mosul.

Finally, the United Nations’ World Health Organization gave another glimpse into the casualties being generated by the on going campaign. It said that 1,200 civilians had been treated for injuries since the start of the Mosul operation on October 17. Since the government is censoring its losses these types of stories can only hint at what is really going on. They show that a huge amount of people have been killed and wounded, with only about a third of Mosul having been entered.


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