Saturday, November 5, 2016

Mosul Campaign Day Nineteen, Nov 4, 2016

On November 4 several new neighborhoods in southeast Mosul were entered. The towns and eastern Mosul neighborhoods of Tahrir, Zahara, Malaeen, Samah, Khazraa, Karakul, Quds, and Karama were all attacked. Forces had to withdraw from Karama after heavy resistance by the Islamic State. There was on going fighting in Intisar as well that was entered yesterday. The Golden Division later claimed that Aden, Samah, Karkukli, Khadra, Ikhaa, Quds, Malaeen and the town of Gogjali were freed, although a resident told Reuters that one of those was still contested.

To the south the army continued its push on Hamam al-Alil freeing two towns. To the west the Hashd liberated six villages.

During the days fighting another journalist was wounded. As usual the government is suppressing its losses so occasional news reports are the only source for casualties, and those are few and far between.

The United Nations said that IS executed 230 people including 50 of its own members for desertion in Mosul recently. It also noted that the group forced around 1,600 people from Hamam al-Alil to Tal Afar to be used as human shields. Human Rights Watch interviewed several people form towns southeast of Mosul who had been forced out of their homes by the Islamic State when then government offensive began. They talked about how entire villages were emptied and members of the security forces were taken away and likely executed.

Whenever a new area is reached there is a general exodus of people to get away from the fighting. the International Organization for Migration reported 22,224 people had been displaced so far. Many people were flowing out of eastern and southeastern Mosul now that the government forces had reached those areas. A U.N. official for example, counted around 5,000 fleeing through Gogjali in the east.


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