Friday, November 4, 2016

Mosul Campaign Day Eighteen, Nov 3, 2016

The progress of the Golden Division on the eastern side of Mosul is getting convoluted. On November 3 it was reported that it had entered the Intisar neighborhood of Mosul along with a Rapid Intervention Force brigade. Two days before there was news that area had been freed. Likewise the unit reached Karama and Samah when both of those areas were supposedly entered before and Samah liberated. Likewise, there was still fighting going on in the outskirts of Gogjali, another town said to be liberated. The Iraqi forces have a bad habit of declaring places cleared prematurely. They should be more patient because any place they attack they will eventually take, so there’s no reason to jump the gun so often.

In the south the army, Federal Police and Hashd freed eight towns as well. The army is attempting to take Hamam al-Alil, while the Hashd are trying to cut off Mosul from its route to Syria in the west.

As the west is being closed off there is news that more Islamic State members are trying to get out of Mosul while they still can. Inside the city, IS has consolidated their position in the western side and are forcing civilians into that area as well. At the same time, the group is forcing people out of towns in the south into Mosul, and killing those that refuse. The speculation is that these people will be used as human shields.

IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi released a message to his followers. He called on them to hold their ground and not to retreat. Given how fast the campaign has moved so far it’s not clear how long they can do that.

Finally, there is a new exodus of people from Mosul itself after the Golden Division reached the eastern side. People were seen flowing out through Intisar and Gogjali.


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