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Mosul Campaign Day Twenty, Nov 5, 2016

Fighting was on going in eastern Mosul. The Bakr neighborhood was the latest to be entered by the Golden Division. Ulamaa, Karama, Zahara, Karkukli, Aden, Zahabi and the Green Apartments were all declared freed. There were still clashes in Zahara and Gogjali. 

Hamam al-Alil to the southeast was finally stormed and the center reached. There were still questions about whether IS had been fully ejected. The Federal Police freed 8 other villages as well in the area. After Hamam al-Alil is fully secured these forces will head towards Mosul.

The Hashd were still pushing in the southwest. It was reported they freed six villages. One of their commanders Abu Muhandis stated that the liberation of Mosul would take time because the Islamic State was receiving intelligence from the United States. Muhandis is one of many pro-Iranian Hashd members who are spreading these stories attempting to discredit the American’s role in the campaign.

Two more reporters were injured covering the operation, and 30 bodies were discovered in at least three graves in Al-Hud. The latter were victims of the Islamic State.

Prime Minister Haidar Abadi made a visit to the front going to the town of Bartella. He told the people of Mosul that they would be freed soon since the campaign was going faster than expected.

Former Ninewa Governor Atheel Nujafi gave an interview laying out his ideas for post-IS Mosul again. This time he said that the army should not stay in the city long after it was freed. Instead security should be turned over to the local police and his own Hashd al-Watani. Nujafi is hoping that the on going operation will allow him to return to power and that he will be able to establish authority over Mosul through his militia. The Ninewa governor and provincial council will likely have something to say about that, not to mention that he has an arrest warrant out for him.

The Stratfor company released photo analysis of Mosul showing the defenses that IS had erected there. Satellite imagery revealed a string of roadblocks across the southern section of the city. Buildings had also been blown up and knocked down around the Mosul airport to provide a clear field of vision to spot approaching government forces.


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