Thursday, November 24, 2016

Mosul Campaign, Day Thirty-Eight, Nov 23, 2016

There were no new advances announced in eastern Mosul on November 23, 2016. The Golden and 9th Divisions were still fighting over some of the newer neighborhoods it entered into over the last few weeks. Qahira was attacked, which was initially entered on November 20. There was also continued fighting in Mufti, Salam, Sabawi Younis, Palestine and Nassir. Younis Sabawi was originally attacked on November 11, Palestine on November 13, and Nassir and Mufti on November 17. In the more secure areas, the Golden Division was also trying to dismantle IEDs. A general from the unit told the press that the Islamic State was weakening, but that wasn’t apparent from the news.  

A few casualties from the city were reported. 6 civilians were killed and 30 wounded by Islamic State mortar fire, and a sniper killed two more. The day before IS was said to have beheaded 15 soldiers it captured. CNN talked with a Peshmerga commander, U.N. and health officials that hospitals in Irbil were receiving up to 80-90 casualties per day, mostly civilians. Authorities said that the health centers in the city were being overwhelmed by the amount of people arriving finding it difficult to find enough beds and medicines for them.

To the west the Hashd cut the road from Mosul to Sinjar and onto Syria. It still had not encircled Tal Afar, but the ensuing battle for it was leading almost all of the families that resided there to flee. Around 3,000 were said to have left with half heading towards Syria and the others going towards Kurdish held areas.

In the southeast the 9th Division freed several more towns including Qara Tapa.

Finally, air strikes took out a member of the IS leadership and another bridge in Mosul. There are five bridges that cross the Tigris River. A fourth one was hit by the U.S. led Coalition. The Americans are hoping to limit the ability of the militants to travel across the city. An air strike was also believed to have killed the Islamic State’s Minister of Information for Ninewa Ziyad Kharufa.


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