Saturday, August 18, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Aug 18

1933 Iraqi army held victory parade and was given award by Prince Ghazi for
massacring Assyrians in north
1990 Saddam said foreign workers and visitors could not leave Iraq after Kuwait
1990 UN Resolution 664 demanded Iraq release foreign nationals it held
2004 Iraq Survey Group head Kay testified to Congress Blamed Rice and NSC for not
            checking WMD intel before war
2005 Police report listed 18 Sunnis arrested in Baghdad 6 weeks later their bodies
            found along Iranian border Showed torture
2005 Anbar governor and other Sunni leaders fired upon in Ramadi during meeting
            over constitutional referendum
2006 Report 2 Iraqi army divisions in Anbar short 5,000 troops Soldiers not getting paid
            Defense Min could not supply them
2015 IS second in command Abu Muslim al-Turkmani killed by US drone strike in
2017 Kirkuk Gov Karim rejected court order to remove Kurdish flag from
            government buildings in province

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