Sunday, August 19, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Aug 19

1921 UK cabinet decided Feisal would be coronated king and then Anglo-Iraq
            treaty drafted
1984 France agreed to refinance $1.4 bil in debts Iraq owed France biggest western backer of Iraq
1996 PUK accused KDP of working with Baghdad KDP accused PUK of working
            with Iran during civil war
2003 Zarqawi bombed UN headquarters in Baghdad killed 23 including UN Rep de
            Mello and injured over 100
2004 PM Allawi wrote Bush saying Iraq was more dangerous and unstable than a year
2004 Allawi govt called for Sadr to disband Mahdi Army and leave Najaf shrine
2004 Sistani’s office said it was open to Sadr’s offer to turn over keys to Najaf shrine
2004 Iraq Survey Group head Kay was rebuked by NSC staffer for criticizing NSC
            to Congress on WMD
2004 Iraq Survey Group head Kay said Rice more interested in being Bush’s friend
            than being National Security Adviser
2005 Al Qaeda in Iraq unsuccessful fired rockets on 2 US ships docked in Israeli port
            from Jordan
2005 3 Islamic Party members kidnapped by gunmen in Mosul putting up flyers to
            vote in constitutional referendum
2009 ISI set off 3 car bombs in Baghdad hitting Finance and Foreign Ministries and Rashid
Hotel killing 101 and wounding 565 PM Maliki blamed Baathists and Syria for Baghdad bombings even though it was ISI
2009 Iraq withdrew its ambassador to Damascus to protest Baghdad bombings
(Musings On Iraq article on Maliki’s response to Fall 09 bombings)
2014 IS posted video of beheading of journalist James Foley 

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