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This Day In Iraqi History - Aug 5

1958 Communists held large demonstration in Baghdad against uniting with
1968 Pres Bakr govt announced amnesty for KDP rebels Reconciliation attempt
            by new Bakr govt with Kurds
1980 Saddam went to Riyad to tell King Khalid Iraq was going to invade Iran and
asked for financial backing King questioned war and was afraid of repercussions Said Saudi military was weak and was afraid of Soviet intervention Couldn’t change Saddam’s mind and gave him tacit support
(Musings On Iraq interview with author Anthony Tucker-Jones on Iran-Iraq War)
(Musings On Iraq review The Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988)
(Musings On Iraq review Iran-Iraq War, The Lion of Babylon, 1980-1988)
(Musings On Iraq review The Iran-Iraq War)
1990 Pres Bush said Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait would not stand
1990 Saudi King asked for briefing on US military plans to respond to Kuwait invasion
            Sec Def Cheney went to get basing rights
1990 NSC meeting Bush said that Kuwait problem wouldn’t be solved until Saddam
            removed and defending Saudis and invading Kuwait two different things
1991 2,000 Turkish troops invaded 3 districts of Kurdistan in retaliation for PKK attack
            in Turkey KDP and PUK supported Turkey PKK criticized them for doing so
2002 CENTCOM cmdr Gen Franks briefed Bush on latest version of Iraq war plan
Franks had running start war plan and Running Start and a new Hybrid Plan for immediate start to war
2002 Sec of State Powell told Bush that Iraq invasion would dominate 1st term and US
would be responsible for Iraq afterward Powell said US had to go through UN to disarm Iraq and build international coalition Bush said wanted coalition
2003 Rumsfeld announced US forces had been finding buried Iraqi fighter jets in desert
            Explained why Iraqi air force didn't fight during invasion
(Musings On Iraq article on why Iraq buried its jets before the 2003 invasion)
2003 Rumsfeld said “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence” about Iraq’s
            WMD not found yet
2003 Rumsfeld death of Uday and Qusay Hussein showed Iraq that Baathists not
            returning to power
2004 US Cmdr in Iraq Gen Casey issued first military campaign plan for Iraq since
2003 invasion Said US had to confront insurgency Build Iraqi forces Pursuade Sunnis to give up insurgency Rebuild country
(Musings On Iraq article on pre-Surge US Iraq strategy)
2004 Sadr called for his followers to rise up against the US occupation
2004 Mahdi Army attacked main police station in Najaf city and US forces in Baghdad
            starting 2nd Battle of Najaf
2004 Anbar governor resigned after his son was kidnapped by insurgents
2005 US said that EFPs were being shipped from Iran into Iraq to attack American
(Musings On Iraq interview with Galen Wright of Arkenstone blog on Iranian arms shipments to Iraqi militias) 
2006 Sec of State Rice told Bush Iraqis pulling their country apart
2015 Protests in Sulaymaniya over lack of services broken up by police
2018 Report parliamentarian said Iraqi National Intel Service proved voting machines
            were not secure
2018 Continued sit ins by West Qurna 1 oil field in Basra and Muthanna Protests in
Basra City West Qurna 2 and Barjisiya fields Safwan border crossing South Gas Company all in Basra, 2 in Qadisya

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