Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Basra Explodes In Rage and Riots Over Water Crisis

(Al Mirbad)

Iraq’s summer protest season seemed over when Basra was hit with an on-going water crisis. That led to a new round of demonstrations that have consistently escalated. That exploded on September 4 with a riot that burned the governor’s building and led to seven killed by the security forces (ISF).

Basra’s water problems took off in August. That was when people started going to the hospital after having drank contaminated water. By September 4 up to 22,000 had been affected. The cause was growing salinity coming from the Persian Gulf up the Shatt al-Arab, and the lack of water coming from the north due to a new dam in Turkey. The Abadi government promised to truck in fresh water to deal with the crisis, but Basra health officials have complained that the water delivered was not always clean as some were filled up at desalination plants that were not checking the quality. The government knew about both of these issues for years, and took little to no action. That led to growing anger at the authorities, which revived the protest movement.

It seemed like the demonstrations had ended when the water crisis gave them new life. They restarted in August, and there have been protests everyday in Basra since August 31. These have taken place throughout the governorate from the north, center to south. These have grown increasingly violent. On August 1, a man was killed by the ISF outside the West Qurna oil field in the north. On August 31, people stormed the Basra council building leading to the police firing into the air to disperse them. On September 1, 8 people were wounded during demonstrations, two journalists were arrested and several were attacked by the ISF for covering the events in Basra City. The mukhtar in Shatt al-Arab had his house set on fire, and demonstrators were broken up in Basra City using tear gas. Then things exploded on September 4. Thousands attempted to storm the Basra Operations Command and burned the governor’s building. The ISF again fired into the crowd killing 7 and wounding 30. These deaths will only energize the movement and lead to more demonstrations.

Things have escalated to the point that Baghdad might send in troops again to try to put down the gatherings. The government has no real to means to respond to the demands of the protesters, so it will use the carrot and stick like it has before. That consists of empty promises and going after activists and breaking up protests.


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