Monday, September 10, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Sep 10

1921 1st Iraqi cabinet formed under newly coroneted King Faisal
1922 King Faisal returned to office after appendices removed Thanked UK Iraq
            High Comm Cox for silencing opposition
1958 Arif dismissed as Deputy Commander in Chief of Armed forces because of
            his opposition to Gen Qasim
1960 Gen Qasim convened meeting in Baghdad of Iran Kuwait Saudi Arabia Venezuela
            to raise oil prices
1980 Iraq seized Saif Saad, Iran along border Next 2 wks were 15 border incidents
            mostly in Basra
1980 Iranian F-14 Tomcat shot down an Iraqi Su-22
1990 Iran and Iraq renewed relations as Saddam attempted to secure his eastern
            border before Gulf War
1996 70,000-75,000 Kurds fled towards Iran to escape KDP-Iraqi offensive against
2001 Time reported Bush administration discussed overthrowing Saddam
2001 US and UK planes hit three Iraqi air defense systems in largest strikes since Feb
2002 Blair speech said Iraq not an imminent threat but had to be dealt with before it
            became one
2002 Draft of UK dossier on Iraq’s WMD included claim Iraq could deploy battlefield
WMD in 45 minutes Came from Iyad Allawi’s Iraqi National Accord Said it had bought large amounts of uranium Had mobile WMD labs
(Musings On Iraq article on mobile labs story)
2002 NSC meeting on Bush’s UN speech Rumsfeld and Cheney argued against going
            to UN Draft of speech didn't call for UN action on Iraq
2002 US Intel officers told Wash Post not strong link between Iraq and Al Qaeda
2002 European Commission President Romano Prodi warned that a U.S. unilateral war
            in Iraq would undermine U.S. foreign policy and its anti-terrorism coalition
2002 Iraq took journalists to Tuwaitha site that US claimed was a nuclear facility Were
            shown three empty and broken down buildings
2006 Report US delinked Shiite death squads from political parties they came from to
            not confront Iraqi govt
2006 ISCI renewed calls for law to allow southern province region Opposed by Sadr
            Fadhila Iraqiya Iraqi Accordance Front
2007 Gen Petraeus and Amb Crocker began 2 days of testimony to Congress on
            progress under Surge
2014 US authorized $25 mil in immediate military aid to Iraq
2014 Obama announced a new coalition to fight IS
2015 Protests in Baghdad Babil Karbala Najaf Qadisiyah Muthanna Dhi Qar Wasit
            Maysan Basra Diyala demanding reform

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