Sunday, September 2, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Sep 2

1922 Turkish troops tested border with Iraq Seized Rania in Sulaymaniya after
            four days of fighting
1980 Iraq-Iran border clash at Qasr-e-Shirin in central Iran across from Diyala province
1991 UN Resolution 712 said that money should be released for buying food and supplies
            for Iraqi civilians
1996 US began 2 days of cruise missile attacks on targets in Nasiriya in retaliation for
            Iraqi forces helping KDP vs PUK and invading Irbil
1996 U.S. extended southern no fly zone farther north
1996 Iraqi army withdrew from most of Kurdistan after helping KDP against PUK
1996 Barzani interviewed on BBC Said Saddam was president of Iraq KDP had not left
            Iraq If deal could be made with Baghdad it would happen
2002 Bush told Blair Iraq had WMD and unclear how quickly it could get nukes
2002 NSC met to discuss how to approach UN on Iraq Powell wanted new inspections
            Cheney said that would be useless Bush decided to ask for new inspections
2002 Bush told NSC he wanted Congressional resolution for use of force vs Iraq Thought
            would be easy with elections coming  
2003 Zarqawi car bomb hit Baghdad police HQ killing 1 wounding 20
2003 Ayatollah Hakim buried in Najaf after killed in Zarqawi car bombing in same city
2003 Abdul Aziz al-Hakim blamed lax US security for death of his brother Ayatollah
2003 Bush agreed to talk with UN about multi-national force helping with security in
            Iraq Effort failed
2004 2 Americans Jack Henlsey and Eugene Armstrong and Briton Kenneth Bigley
            kidnapped by Zarqawi in Baghdad
2006 20 Anbar sheikhs told US forces they were forming Emergency Council to fight
Al Qaeda in Iraq Said would work with US and wanted Anbar governor dismissed
(Musings On Iraq book review of Confronting Al Qaeda, The Sunni Awakening and American Strategy In Al Anbar)
2006 Iraq CIA station chief told Iraq Survey Group Interior Ministry running death squads
            and torturing people
2006 Fin Min Jabr told Iraq Survey Group corruption under control due to Board of
            Supreme Audit
2014 Peshmerga recaptured Zumar, Ninewa
2014 Relatives of Camp Speicher massacre stormed parliament and demanded explanations
            for what happened
2014 ISI released video beheading of US reporter Steven Slotoff Threatened to kill UK
            hostage if US didn’t withdraw from Iraq
2014 US sent another 250 troops for force protection to Iraq
2015 Protesters surrounded Najaf provincial council building and tried to sack it
2017 Kurdish Asayesh accused of executing up to 375 IS suspects that just surrendered
            to them in Ninewa
(Musings On Iraq article on Kurdish executions) 


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