Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Pro-Iran Hashd Factions Continue To Defy Iraq’s PM

(Bas News)

Pro-Iran groups are in their seventh phase of attacks upon U.S. and foreign targets in Iraq. Originally these were organized by Tehran to get the Iraqi government to expel American forces. Then they increased in number when Baghdad and Washington opened talks for a new security agreement which Iran opposed. Now they are a direct challenge to the authority of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi as well who said he would stop such incidents from happening.

The latest attacks occurred on July 27 targeting two Iraqi military bases. Rockets landed on Camp Taji in north Baghdad and then later in the day on Camp Speicher in Salahaddin. Those were the seventh and eighth incidents by pro-Iran groups in July. Attacks during the month started on July 5 when the Green Zone was hit and rockets were found outside Camp Taji. Before that there were eight incidents in June, two in May, two in April, eight in March, three in February, and eleven in January. A variety of new groups have taken responsibility for these incidents on the Internet. They’re known as Katyusha gangs in the media. It’s widely believed they are connected to one or more pro-Iran Hashd units said as Kataib Hezbollah, Asaib Ahl Al-Haq or others.

The latest round of attacks began in June. That was when Iraq and the U.S. started negotiating a new security deal. Iran is against the U.S. presence in Iraq and originally pressured Baghdad to expel them in January. That led to the first round of attacks this year. As incidents picked back up during the summer Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi said the perpetrators would be found. That led to a June raid upon the offices of Kataib Hezbollah in Baghdad based upon intelligence of an imminent attack. This was a warning by the premier that has been ignored. Hashd groups are only nominally under the authority of the government and now some of them are flaunting their autonomy and thumbing their noses at Kazemi.

Incidents by Pro-Iran Groups 2020
Green Zone, Baghdad

Jadriya, Baghdad

Balad Air Base, Salahaddin
Green Zone, Baghdad
Green Zone, Baghdad
Balad Air Baes, Salahaddin
Camp Taji, Baghdad
Green Zone, Baghdad
Green Zone, Baghdad
Green Zone, Baghdad
Qayara Base, Ninewa
K1 Base, Kirkuk
Green Zone, Baghdad
Makhmour Base, Irbil
Sadiq Base, Salahaddin
Green Zone, Baghdad
Green Zone, Baghdad
Camp Taji, Baghdad
Camp Taji, Baghdad
Besmaya Base, Baghdad
Green Zone, Baghdad
Green Zone, Baghdad
Burjisiya, Halliburton Camp, Basra
Nahrawan, Baghdad Chinese company
Baghdad International Airport
Green Zone, Baghdad
Baghdad International Airport
Green Zone, Baghdad
Camp Taji, Baghdad
Camp Taji, Baghdad
Rashidiya, Baghdad rockets discovered aimed at Camp Taji

Baghdad International Airport
Green Zone, Baghdad
Baghdad International Airport, Baghdad
Camp Taji, Baghdad rockets discovered

Green Zone, Baghdad
Canal St, Baghdad rockets discovered aimed at Green Zone
Convoy carrying US supplies attacked Muthanna Highway
Green Zone, Baghdad
Besmaya Base, Baghdad
Camp Speicher, Salahaddin

Camp Taji, Baghdad


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