Thursday, July 16, 2020

Protests Return To Southern Iraq Over Electricity Shortages And Delayed Salaries

Protest in Dhi Qar (Al Nasiriya)

The beginning of July saw the return of protests to southern Iraq motivated by two main factors. One is increasing blackouts as demand for electricity rises during the summer heat and the power grid begins breaking down. The second is delayed payments to government workers due to the economic crisis.

So far demonstrations have occurred in seven southern provinces. Things began on July 9 with protests in Nasiriya, Fahud and Souq al-Shuyukh all in Dhi Qar, as well as Kut in Wasit. The next day things spread to Diwaniya. Since then there have been protests nearly every day in those three governorates with the most sustained in the cities of Nasiriya and Diwaniya. There have also been occasional actions in Maysan, Basra, and Babil. The most common tactic has been burning tires to block highways. These were mostly caused electricity shortages as the power grid is unable to meet demand as temperatures rise.

There have also been smaller demonstrations by government workers, especially those on contracts against not being paid their salaries in Dhi Qar, Basra, and Muthanna. Iraq is currently in the midst of an economic crisis caused by the collapse of the oil market and the shut down due to COVID-19. It is unable to pay its bills and is running a major deficit. That has led to delays in public workers getting their wages.

This is an annual occurrence for the last nine years. It can pose a daunting challenge to the government when they grow in size like the last few years because Baghdad is incapable of meeting their demands. The power grid for instance, is so inefficient that it only provides 25% of its capacity. It if operated at its capabilities it could meet needs even during the summer months. If the demonstrations grow in strength this could be especially damaging to Prime Minister Mustafa Kazemi who is running a caretaker administration and has no political party behind him.


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