Saturday, June 3, 2017

Mosul Campaign Day 229 Jun 2 2017

The Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) captured their first neighborhood in their new operation in Mosul. Saha 1 was taken by the Golden Division. The ISF was also said to be in control of 40% to 60% of Zinjali depending upon the source, and there was still fighting in Shifa. On May 28 the second day of the new offensive the ISF claimed they had 60% of Zinjali. That was likely an exaggeration. The Iraqis originally said they were going to liberate all three areas yesterday, but the fighting has been tough and official predictions are always over optimistic.

The Hashd were making more progress in west Ninewa. Baaj was surrounded and a town to the west of it was freed. Many Islamic State leadership elements were believed to have fled to Baaj when the Mosul campaign started last year. They have probably moved on, but the town is still considered an important IS area.

There has been a spate of assassinations in east Mosul. An ISF officer announced that a man was killed in the Muthanna district. In the last few days three other people have been murdered in the north and east of east Mosul. No explanations was given for the cause of these incidents, whether they were regular crime, revenge killings, or what.

The number of displaced coming out of Mosul remained relatively the same over the past few days. From May 30 to 31 over 6,000 arrived at Hamam al-Alil. Before that an average of 2,000-3,000 were fleeing. That compared to the week before when over 10,000 were registered each day. At the same time over 25,000 people have gone back to Mosul. The United Nations’ High Commissioner for Refugees asked for $126 million in donations to support its work in Ninewa. So far its overall Iraq operations is only 21% funded. For years now the U.N. in Iraq has not gotten anywhere near the amount of money it needs. The group is nearly overwhelmed by the amount of displaced in Ninewa, and the lack of money is only making that worse.  


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