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Mosul Campaign Day 246-47 Jun 19-20 2017

Iraqi police fighting in west Mosul’s Old City (AFP)

The Iraqi forces (ISF) made another advance, while the Islamic State is down to just one district under its control in Mosul. First, the army’s 9th Division announced that the Shifa neighborhood was finally freed. That allowed the ISF to also take the western end of the Fifth Bridge across the Tigris River. The Federal Police were still fighting for Bab al-Baid, attacked Bab al-Lakash, and advanced 200 meters into the Farouq area all in the Old City. The Golden Division freed Khazraj in that district as well. The insurgents launched another counter attack into Danadan south of the Old City, but was turned back. Shifa was a difficult battle, holding up the Iraqi forces for almost a month. With that finally under control, IS only holds the Old City. It will likely be the hardest part of the entire campaign because the streets are so narrow military vehicles cannot traverse them, the houses are so densely laid out that artillery, mortars and air strikes will likely take a heavy civilian toll, and the militants have nowhere to go, and will fight to the death. There are already signs of that as more than 200 bodies were said to have been pulled out of the rubble caused by ISF air strikes and artillery over the last few days.

Iraqis are already preparing for life after the Islamic State. The security committee on the Ninewa council discussed protecting Mosul and the governorate in the next phase of the war against the insurgents. It mentioned that it would be based upon intelligence, which would be used to hunt down IS elements and stop infiltrations. It promised that a security plan would be implemented in the city after it was freed. While those plans sound good, following them up will be difficult. There is a hodgepodge of groups across Ninewa and inside the city itself. None of these groups coordinate, many are rivals of each other, and have political aspirations too. Those differences offer ample opportunities for the Islamic State to exploit.

The Hashd were again talking about liberating Tal Afar to the west of Mosul. Hashd leader Nazim al-Asadi was quoted as saying that the town would be freed soon after Ramadan was finished. He added that international pressure, probably referring to Turkey, would not stop things. Currently the army is attacking the village, not the Hashd. The Hashd surrounded the town months ago, but pressure from Ankara stopped Baghdad from letting them advance any further. That’s also why the army was given the final task. The Hashd may be allowed to join in when Tal Afar is reached, but that is unknown at this time.

The rate of displacement from Mosul has slowed in recent days, and there is concerns about their fate. The United Nations counted 417,438 displaced on June 18. The number of people coming out of the city was down 50%. From June 11 to 17 21,000 left Mosul, down from 43,000 the week before. The ISF are also taking people directly from west Mosul to the east using a pontoon bridge across the Tigris. From June 11 to 17 8,300 arrived in the east using this route. A Ninewa councilman warned that IS members were escaping by hiding amongst the displaced. He called on the security forces to step up their screening process. At the same time, the Mosul city council announced that it was going to expel all the IS families from the city and send them to special camps to be held. The fears that the Islamic State might return after the city is freed is leading to these statements and decisions. There is also the thirst for revenge, and with Baghdad having no reconciliation plan, politicians and armed groups are exacting their own justice not only on IS members, but their families as well. This is occurring in other parts of the country as well such as Anbar and Salahaddin. IS relatives are being ostracized, isolated in camps, and blocked from returning to their homes and lives. It is another sign of the divisions that the insurgents caused in Iraqi society that will take a long time to heal.


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