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Mosul Campaign Day 245 Jun 18 2017

Smoke rising from new assault upon Old City district West Mosul (Bas News)

The Iraqi forces (ISF) finally launched a multi-pronged assault upon the Old City district in west Mosul. The operation started at 6 am. Two brigades from the Golden Division moved into Farouq in the northwest, while the army’s 16th Division advanced from Bab al-Sinjar and Bab al-Lakash in the north. A Federal Police brigade attacked Bab al-Baid in the southwest. They claimed they broke through the first two lines of the Islamic State’s defenses, while the Golden Division said progress was slow due to the dense layout of the streets and houses and the large number of civilians. IS launched four counter attacks consisting of car bombs and suicide bombers, but were turned back. The Iraqis were struggling over the medical complex in Shifa as well. Leaflets were dropped over the city by the Iraqi air force telling people that the ISF was coming, while loudspeakers blasted messages that the insurgents should surrender, and civilians should flee towards the Iraqi forces. Shifa and the Old City are the last two sections of the city still under the militants’ control. The latter was originally attacked in March, and the ISF quickly bogged down, and became a holding force to tie down IS fighters, while others moved up the flank and eventually to the north as well. Shifa was targeted when the latest offensive started at the end of May and the Iraqi forces have been stuck in the medical center that consists of several hospitals. Both are now under attack meaning the Mosul campaign is finally coming to a conclusion.

A police brigade commander and four other officers were arrested in Mosul. The police were investigated for murdering a man and a woman who were suspected IS members. They were killed two months ago in east Mosul, and their bodies were discovered near Mosul University. There has been a spate of extra judicial killings in and around Mosul recently. This was a rare event as the Iraqi government rarely holds high ranking officers or officials responsible for their crimes. It’s yet to be seen how their court cases will go.

Mosul University recently re-opened and students were taking their end of year exams. Only parts of the campus are open, while others are destroyed or still being repaired. Re-starting classes was an important benchmark towards life in the city returning.

The Iraqi cabinet discussed restoring salaries to Ninewa’s public workers. The Finance Ministry is auditing the payrolls before money is distributed once again. Ninewa like the rest of Iraq’s provinces is dependent upon the government to drive its economy. The government is the largest employer. There are lots of civil employees back at work within Mosul like teachers, but none of them are getting paid. Again, this would be an important move towards restoring the governorate.


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