Thursday, November 15, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 15

1914 British troops began attack on Ottomans in Basra City
1920 Report to UK Foreign Office said provisional Iraqi govt was set up in Karbala during 1920
1922 Elections brought new PM Law to power in England who wanted to withdraw from Iraq
Created Iraq commission to review policy
1924 Frontier Commission started demarcating border between Iraq and new nation of Turkey
1971 Baath issued Charter for National Action to try to draw Communists into govt
1986 Saddam told aides US wanted to keep Iraq and Iran balanced Was reason why US sold weapons
to Iran in Iran-Contra scandal
1998 UN accepted Iraq’s letter asking inspectors back
1998 Natl Sec Adv Berger met with head UN inspector Butler on inspection schedule to
            plan confrontation to give US excuse to bomb Iraq
(Musings On Iraq article on UN weapons inspections)
2000 UK Foreign Office report Saddam felt like he was winning in breaking down sanctions
2001 Sec State Powell told Blair that after Afghanistan Right in US would push for bombing Iraq
2002 US asked UK and other allies for military support against Iraq
2002 Saudi Amb to US Bandar visited Bush Said Saudis wanted to know US intentions on Iraq Bush
told Bandar he would tell Saudis if he decided on war with Iraq
2003 Bremer announced November agreement after told his original plan for transition to Iraqi self
rule rejected by White House Bremer said 2/28/04 Governing Council would draft transitional law for Iraq Said by end of March 04 Governing Council would have a formal security agreement with Coalition Said by end of May 04 elections for transitional parliament selected through caucuses End of June 04 transitional parliament would appoint Iraqi govt Said by 3/15/05 iraqi government would hold elections for constitutional convention End of 2005 elections for permanent govt held under new constitution
2003 Bremer’s November plan opposed by Sistani
2003 Pentagon claimed UnderSecDef Feith’s intel unit on Iraq-Al Qaeda ties was authorized by intel
community but it wasn’t
2004 Heavy gun battles broke out in Baquba Diyala between insurgents and US forces
2005 PM Jaafari admitted that prisoners found by US forces at secret prison in Baghdad were
tortured Inter Min Gen Kamal claimed abuse done by inexperienced police and would lead to reform within ministry Secret prison was actually one of many run by Badr Inter Min forces throughout Baghdad
2005 28 Sunni men found shot in head in Jasan Diyala near Iranian border
2005 US-Iraq Op Steel Curtain to clear Qaim Anbar ended
2006 Amb Khalilzad said Maliki should be given more control over Iraqi forces and US should push
him towards reconciliation
2006 White House staff began first day of Iraq strategy review Would lead to Surge
2006 Senate Armed Services Comm CENTCOM Cmdr Gen Abizaid sid that changing troop levels
wouldn’t five Iraq’s problems Said large US present stopped Iraqis from taking responsibility Said new strategy needed but didn’t want Congress to set withdrawal timelines Said that Iraqi forces might be able to take charge of security in less than 12 months DIA Dir Gen Maples said things could get worse in Iraq due to weak governance growing insecurity lack of reconciliation CIA Dir Gen Hayden said that even if Baghdad gained more popular support unlikely govt could carry out meaningful reforms
2007 Maliki said referendum on Kirkuk’s future would be held on this date Didn’t happen

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