Sunday, November 4, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 4

1913 Constantinople Protocol set new border between Ottomans and Persia Ottomans kept
Shatt al-Arab waterway
1958 When rumors spread of a coup against Qasim Col Arif returned to Iraq from Germany
1991 Iraqi army blocked all roads into Kurdistan starting economic blockade
1992 Saddam told top Baath officials that election of Pres Clinton might usher in better Iraq-US
1998 NY indictment claimed Al Qaeda-Iraq had agreement not to work vs Saddamand to cooperate
on weapons Indictment based on intel that Al Qaeda and Iraq were working on weapons together in Sudan Charges of Al Qaeda-Iraq cooperation were later dropped in indictment
1998 NSC counterterror dir Clarke sent memo to NalSecAdv Berger saying Iraq WMD experts were
at Sudan factory probably working with Al Qaeda
2003 CPA meeting US military said unhappy with deBaathification because driving Iraqis away from
US and free market reforms that were laying off Iraqis that could be recruited into insurgency
2003 CPA officials suggested Transitional Admin Law as interim constitution to bridge differences
between Bremer and Ayatollah Sistani Sistani wanted Iraqis to elect body to write constitution Bremer wanted indirect method
2003 Iraqi prisoner was hooded placed on box wires attached to him and told he would be
electrocuted by US jailers Abu Ghraib
2003 Report Saddam made various overtures to US before war but ignored by US as fakes or to stall
for time
2017 Rawa in west Anbar freed

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