Tuesday, November 20, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 20

1914 Arab tribes told British forces Ottomans had abandoned Basra British forces set out to
take city
1920 US complained 3rd time to UK about San Remo agreement that divided up Iraqi oil between
France and England
1920 British worked out ceasefire with Hachcham tribe last one fighting in 1920 Revolt
(Musings On Iraq book review of Reclaiming Iraq, The 1920 Revolution and the Founding of the Modern State)
1922 Abd Sadoun became Iraq’s 2nd PM His orders were to organize elections for an assembly to
write constitution
1922 Lausanne conference convened to end WWI with Ottomans and decide whether British to
Turks got Mosul vilyat
(Musings On Iraq article on how Mosul province became part of Iraq)
1963 Tahir Yahya became premier, held office 2 times
1973 KDP and Communists agreed to end hostilities between the two KDP had been attacking
Communists for its alliance with Bakr govt
(Musings On Iraq book review Red Star Over Iraq, Iraqi Communism Before Saddam)
(Musings On Iraq Interview with Prof Johan Franzen on the history of the Iraqi Communist Party)
(Musings On Iraq book review of The Kurds, A Modern History)
(Musings On Iraq book review Kurds of Iraq, Tragedy and Hope)
1982 Tariq Aziz accused US and Soviet Union of allowing weapons to be sent to Iran during Iran-
Iraq War
1997 Russia brokered deal to allow US members of UN inspectors back into Iraq In return
inspections would be completed quickly and UN would begin talks over ending sanctions
1998 UN inspectors asked for 12 documents were told some documents never existed and would
only turn over edited version of others
(Musings On Iraq article on UN weapons inspections)
2001 US Embassy in Niger reported that Niger official said no way it could produce enough uranium
reports claimed Iraq bought from it
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2001 Wall St Journal OpEd by Eliot Cohen said Iraq helped Al Qaeda and had WMD so should be
2003 Suicide truck bomb hit PUK office in Kirkuk killing 5
2003 US army team with dogs arrived at Abu Ghraib prison which were used to abuse prisoners
2005 Report on how US relied upon Iraqi defector CURVEBALL for intel on Iraq’s WMD when
they were warned he was unreliable
2006 Joint Chiefs told to prepare plan for surge in troops in Iraq
2006 Pentagon claimed US carried out Marshall Plan in Iraq and accomplished minor miracle
rebuilding country
2006 Report Sec Def Rumsfeld and Joint Chiefs were resistant to acknowledge insurgency in Iraq
            when it started

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