Thursday, February 1, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Feb 1

1928 British sent note to Iraqi govt saying opposed conscription and if govt ran
            into problems over it British wouldn’t help
1958 Egypt and Syria created United Arab Republic PM Said afraid pan-Arabists
            would overthrow his govt so Iraq could join Republic
1981 Iraq received 1st of 4 shipments of Mirage jets from France despite Paris
claiming neutrality in Iran-Iraq War
1999 NY Post claimed Saddam was making contacts with bin Laden and Abu Nidal to strike US
2001 2nd Bush NSC meeting again dealt with Iraq policy State Dept said US
            policy should be to stop Iraq from threatening Middle East
2001 Sec of State Powell talked again about smart sanctions
2001 Sec of Def Rumsfeld said removing Saddam and putting in pro-US govt could
            change Middle East and show world what US policy about
2001 Pentagon talked about rebuilding Gulf War coalition against Iraq CIA Dir Tenet
            talked about coup vs Saddam
2001 End of meeting Rumsfeld said US objective was not getting rid of Saddam but his WMD
2002 Gen Franks briefed Rumsfeld on war plans with start time April 2002
2003 US Army War College study said ehtnosectarian differences could lead to civil
            war or fractured state after fall of Saddam
2003 US Army War College said longer US presence in Iraq the more resistance it would face
2003 US Army War College said ethnosectarian parties would probably emerge in Iraq
            and increase divisions
2003 US Army War College warned that there would be terrorism providing services
            would be difficult oil could not pay for reconstruction
2003 US Army War College study suggested 135 tasks US had to take care of
            to ensure stability of postwar Iraq
2003 US Army War College study said US would have to occupy Iraq for a long time
            and building democracy a huge challenge
2003 US Army War College warned US could win the Iraq war and lose the peace
2003 Chief UN inspector Blix refused US claims that Iraq was sending WMD and
            scientists outside country to hide them
2003 Powell went to CIA HQ to go over Iraq-Al Qaeda intel for UN speech Decided to
            focus upon Zarqawi
2003 Cheney Chief of Staff Libby and DepNatSecADv Hadley wanted Powell to use
            9/11 hijacker Atta meeting with Iraqi intel in 2001 Powell said no
2004 2 suicide bombers hit KDP and PUK offices in Irbil killed 117 injured 133
2005 Report US analysts believed Jan 05 elections could erode support for insurgency
2006 Saddam refused to appear in court claiming new judge was biased against him

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