Monday, February 5, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Feb 5

1950 Tawfiq Suwaidi became premier 3rd time
1977 Dawa party turned pilgrimage to Karbala into anti-Baath protests Army called out
            Pres Bakr blamed Syria
1981 UK rejected requests by both Iraq and Iran for military equipment
2001 Rice chaired meeting to go over Iraq policy Agreed Saddam had won PR war
            convincing most that sanctions hurting Iraqi public
2001 NSC meeting also agreed sanctions were not forcing Saddam from power
2001 At NSC meeting Powell argued for smart sanctions that would just focus upon
            military imports to Iraq
2001 NSC meeting discussed returning UN inspectors to Iraq and how to deal with
            Iraqi opposition
2001 Rice wanted review of No Fly Zone Led to less flights to try to avoid plane getting
            shot down
2001 Rice told US agencies to increase intelligence gathering on WMD
2002 CIA report on Iraq-Niger uranium deal Said it received text of deal from foreign
            intel service CIA and DIA thought text important State Dept skeptical
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2002 CIA report said Iraq had 7 mobile WMD labs
2003 Before Powell’s UN speech Bush met with 20 Congressional leaders to lobby them
            on Iraq
2003 Rice told Congressional leaders US tried everything with Iraq and now war only
            option Said WMD would be found afterward
2003 Powell and UK ForSec Straw met before UN speech Both skeptical about Iraq intel
            Powell thought most was circumstantial 
2003 Sec of State Powell gave UN speech laying out US case against Iraq’s WMD
and ties to Al Qaeda using Zarqawi
2003 Powell claimed Iraq hidings its WMD from inspectors Said Qusay Hussein ordered
            removal of banned material from sites
2003 Powell claimed WMD missiles had been distributed to unit in western Iraq
2003 Powell said human sources claimed Iraq had mobile WMD labs Said some disputes
            within US intel but most agreed Iraq tried to buy aluminum tubes for centrifuges
2003 Powell claimed Iraq had UAVs that could be used to deliver WMD
2003 Powell claimed Iraq gave safehaven to Zarqawi in Kurdistan Said Iraq-Al Qaeda
            had 8 meetings since 1990s
2003 Powell claimed Iraq gave Al Qaeda training in WMD
2003 Chief UN inspector Blix told press never found any evidence of Iraq having
            mobile WMD labs
2003 3rd meeting of US UK Australia on postwar Iraq planning US rejected any role
            for UN
2003 WashPost editorial said Iraq violating UN resolutions and supported war
2004 Ayatollah Sistani survived assassination attempt in Najaf
2004 CIA Dir Tenet gave speech at Georgetown refuting Iraq Survey Group’s Kay claim
            everyone was wrong about Iraq’s WMD
2004 CIA Dir Tenet said CIA might’ve over estimated nuke program Were differences
            over mobile WMD labs Natl Intel Est never said Iraq imminent threat
2004 CIA Dir Tenet said Saddam dictator intent to build WMD
2004 CIA Dir Tenet referenced Iraq For Min Sabri who told CIA Iraq had nuke program
            stockpile of chemical weapons small biological weapons program
2004 CIA Dir Tenet said US still needed time to find out about Iraq’s WMD
2004 CIA Dir Tent said in the end CIA would be proven not entirely right or wrong
            on pre-war Iraq intel
2006 Report MP Mishan Jabouri charged with stealing millions of dollars for contract
            to protect Iraqi pipeline from Baiji refinery and Kirkuk Fled to Syria
2007 Baghdad Operations Command created
2011 Maliki spokesperson said he would not run for a 3rd term in 2014 but he did
2014 IS attacked Mukhisa, Diyala forcing out families Afterward ISF and miltias
            killed civilians and burned homes

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