Thursday, February 22, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Feb 22

1921 War Min Churchill wrote PM George that he thought an Arab govt should
            be created to run Mesopotamia for UK
(Musings On Iraq article on Churchill’s views on Mesopotamia)
1981 Iran rejected UN attempts to negotiate ceasefire as long as Iraqi troops were
            on Iranian territory
1984 Iraq’s attacks on Iranian cities stopped ending 1st War of the Cities
1988 Iraq renewed war of cities by firing missiles at Tehran Iraq wanted to provoke
            UN to get involved again with peace talks
1991 Iraq set Kuwait oil fields on fire
1991 Report Saudis tried to organize Iraqi exiles for post-Saddam Iraq
1998 Newsweek poll showed US support for military action against Iraq dropped from
            40 to 18%
1999 SCIRI UK Rep Bayati said overthrowing Saddam should be done by Iraqis without
            outside interference
2003 Bush administration officially announced it was deploying forces for invasion
            Actually started Dec 02
2003 Spanish Pres Aznar visited Bush Had group call with Blair and Italian Premier
            Berlusconi Decided on 2nd UN resolution on Iraq
2003 ORHA drill found US would not have enough troops for Iraq postwar security
2003 ORHA worried not enough funding for postwar Iraq that could leave behind
            unstable country
2003 ORHA found US had no plans for what kind of govt they wanted in Iraq and
            how to achieve it
2003 ORHA Dep Head thought US had faulty assumptions overly optimistic lacked
            reality on what postwar Iraq would be like
2005 Dawa’s Jaafari became UIA candidate for premier following Jan elections
2006 Zarqawi bombed Askari shrine in Samarra 25 Sunni mosques in Samarra 27
            in Baghdad attacked 3 imam killed 1 kidnapped
2006 US immediately got intel Zarqawi behind Askari shrine bombing Tunisian and
            4 Saudis from Al Qaeda in Iraq did bombing
2006 Tunisian Al Qaeda in Iraq bomber was arrested in June 2006 and explained
2006 US report Sadr gave orders to kill Wahabis in east Baghdad in retaliation for
            Samarra bombing Meant Sunnis
2006 Al Qaeda in Iraq blamed Baghdad and Shiite militias for Samarra bombing to
            incite attacks on Sunnis
2006 Other insurgent groups blamed Baghdad for Samarra bombing and claimed govt
            was allowing attacks upon Sunni mosques
2006 Sadr offices spread rumor that US military vehicles were seen around Samarra
            shrine before bombing to lay blame on US
2006 Iran blamed US for Samarra bombing
2006 Ayatollah Sistani called for 7 days of mourning peaceful protets and prohibited
            attacks upon Sunnis in wake of Samarra bombing
2006 SCIRI head Hakim blamed US for Samarra bombing claiming it gave aid to
2008 Sadr renewed his freeze on Mahdi Army
2011 Independent Nalya Radio and TV station was set afire in Sulaymaniya probably
            by KDP supporters
2015 Sadr called for followers to protests in Baghdad next Friday calling for reforms

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