Sunday, February 25, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Feb 25

1984 Iraqis used mustard gas against Iranians to try to turn them back
            in southern marshes
1984 Iraq began offensive attacking Iran’s ports and oil facilities along with shipping in
            Persian Gulf
1991 Soviets offered another peace plan and Iraq accepted it
1991 Iraqi SCUD missiles hit US army barracks in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
            killed 28 and wounded over 100 Gulf War
1991 US 3rd Inf Div attacked Iraq 26th Inf Div and took 299 prisoners
1991 US Task Force 1-37 took HQ of Iraq’s 26th Inf Div
1991 Radio Baghdad announced withdrawal from Kuwait
1991 Sec of State Baker Natl Sec Adv Scowcroft said if Saddam remained in power
            UN sanctions would stay in place
2002 1st war game for Iraq invasion ran at Scott Air Force Base Illinois
2003 Army chief Gen Shinseki told Senate US needed several hundred thousand troops to
            successfully occupy Iraq
2003 Blair told CENTCOM cmdr Gen Franks UN had to play a major role in
            postwar Iraq
2003 Gen Franks told UK cmdr Adm Boyce US not thinking of WWII type Japanese
            or German rebuilding effort in Iraq
2003 Iraqi opposition meeting in Salahaddin, Irbil Couldn't agree on a govt in exile
2004 Insurgents killed deputy police chief in Mosul
2011 Day of Rage protests across Iraq 23 killed by security forces during protests
2011 protests in Hawija and Riyad led to police stations being burned and 3 police
2011 Police broke up demonstrations in Irbil city
2011 Pres Talabani went to Kuwait independence day in 3rd move to normalize
            relations between 2 countries
2011 Maliki forced out Basra Governor Abbud

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