Sunday, February 4, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Feb 4

1917 British defeated Ottoman forces at Hai River
1925 League of Nations Mosul commission final report said Mosul should go to
            British Iraq Mandate with Kurds getting concessions
1963 Gen Qasim arrested 1 opponent as Communists warned of an impending coup
1979 Ayatollah Baqir al-Sadr began Islam Guides to Life series that outlined his ideas on
             an Islamic political system
1981 Iraq received around 100 tanks from Eastern Europe
1998 UK intel report said UN inspectors had destroyed majority of Iraq’s WMD programs
1998 Blair govt talked about how dangerous Saddam was due to his WMD capabilities
2003 US gave documents on alleged Iraq-Niger uranium deal to IAEA
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2003 UN inspectors looked at two alleged mobile WMD labs and found nothing
2003 CIA analyst emailed Dep Chief Iraq Task Force against using Curveball story
            that Iraq had mobile WMD labs
2003 CIA Dept Chief Iraq Task Force told CIA analyst war coming so didn’t matter
            if there were questions about Curveball and his mobile WMD labs story
2003 CIA Dir Tenet warned by European chief Drumheller that there were problems with
            Curveball’s story that Iraq had mobile WMD labs Tenet said don’t worry
2003 Blair said plan was to get UN to show Iraq not cooperating on WMD and then have
Arab countries make Saddam step down
2003 Powell and Turkey’s Foreign Min Yakis met to talk about US aid in return for
            using Turkey in Iraq invasion
2004 UK intel officer said intel heads ignored warnings that Iraqi WMD could not be
            confirmed before invasion
2004 Future IS leader Abu Omar al-Baghdadi arrested by Americans and sent to Camp
2005 Early election results had United Iraqi Alliance 44% Kurds 18% Iraqiya 12% of
2008 Sadr renewed ceasefire after 6 months

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