Monday, February 26, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Feb 26

1917 3 British gunboats fired upon by 4 Ottoman ships at Nahr-al-Kalek, Wasit
            3 Turkish ships sunk and 4th captured
1983 Iran’s Op Fajr al-Nasr in Maysan to seize Basra-Baghdad road ended
1991 Saddam announced withdrawal from Kuwait Iraqi army started pulling out
1991 Saddam called on Iraqis to applaud the army for fighting 30 countries Claimed Iraq
            won and it was a great victory
1991 US 3rd inf Div attacked 52nd Armored Div 17 Div Adnan and Tawakalna Divs
1991 Battle of 73 Easting US 2nd Arm Cav Rgt fought Iraq’s Tawakalna Div
1991 Battle of Norfolk US 1st Arm Div UK 1st Arm Div destroyed Iraq’s 26th, 25th, 31st,
            48th Divs and 52nd Arm Div
1991 US aircraft began attacking retreating Iraqi forces from Kuwait on Highway of
1991 Iraq said it was willing to end annexation of Kuwait and pay reparations for a
            ceasefire in Gulf War and end of sanctions
1991 Bush admin officials said they wanted to keep sanctions on Iraq to provoke a coup
2002 Fmr Amb Wilson arrived in Niger to investigate Iraq trying to buy uranium
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2002 MI6 Chief Dearlove said US would demand weapons inspectors under conditions
            Saddam wouldn’t accept to justify military action
2003 Bush speech at American Enterprise Institute Said that Iraq was direct threat to US
            due to WMD and links to terrorists
2003 Bush said other nations would help rebuild Iraq and US would stay in Iraq as
            long as necessary but “not a day more”
2003 Bush said spreading democracy to Iraq would be an inspiration to Middle East
2004 Gen Taguba handed in his report on Abu Ghraib prison abuse case
2004 Ayatollah Sistnai dropped demand for elections to be held by 6/30/04 but said they
            had to happen by end of year
2007 Cabinet approved draft oil bill Never passed
2011 Riot police broke up demonstration in Sulaymaniya city 1 protester killed
2016 Sadrists joined Friday protests in Baghdad saying they would end support
            for Abadi if cabinet wasn’t reformed Said would storm Green Zone
2016 Kurdish Alliance said they would not give up their ministries to go along with
            Abadi’s reforms 

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This Day In Iraqi History - Apr 21 Coalition Provisional Authority created to run post-war Iraq

  1802 Wahabi army from Arabia sacked Karbala 2,000-5,000 killed