Friday, February 2, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Feb 2

1970 Iraq went to UN over Shah placing troops on border after coup he backed vs
            Pres Bakr failed
2002 William Kristol told Senate invading Iraq would transform Middle East
2003 Powell and his deputy Armitage went to CIA to go through Iraq intel to use in his UN speech
2003 Powell decided to use 3 intercepts of Iraqi officers perhaps talking about hiding WMD and
            intel on Zarqawi in Kurdistan
2003 CIA Dir Tenet told Powell no intel Saddam directly involved with Zarqawi Powell
            decided to claim Iraq giving sanctuary to Zarqawi
2004 Powell told WashPost if he knew Iraq had no WMD his decision on Iraq invasion
            would have been different
2004 Rumsfeld claimed Iraq Study Group head Kay’s Senate testimony Iraq had
            no WMD stocks proved White House case
2005 Assyrians in Ninewa Plains accused Kurds of stopping them from voting in Jan
            30 election
2005 Bush said US in Iraq to create a democracy that could defend itself and was not
            a threat to its neighbors
2008 Bombing 2 markets in Baghdad killed 99 wounded 145
2014 Al Qaeda publicly renounced ties with ISI

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