Saturday, October 13, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Oct 13

1973 Continued fighting between Israeli and Iraqi forces in Syria
1996 PUK counterattacked Recaptured Sulaymaniya from KDP with Iranian support
            Baghdad made deal with Iran to allow PUK back into Kurdistan to counter KDP
1997 Heavy fighting restarted between KDP and PUK during civil war
(Musings On Iraq book review of The Kurds, A Modern History)
(Musings On Iraq book review Kurds of Iraq, Tragedy and Hope)
2000 Iran’s Foreign Minister Kharrazi visited Iraq for 3 days Highest ranking Iranian official to visit
Iraq since 1979 Revolution After Karrazi’s trip Iran announced Iran and Iraq would re-open discussion on border and POW issue largely ended
2004 Blair told parliament that Iraq Study Group proved Saddam wanted WMD and
            violated UN resolutions
2004 Mass grave with hundreds of Kurds killed by Saddam in 1987-88 discovered in
            Hatra Ninewa
2004 PM Allawi said that if Fallujah didn't turn over Zarqawi would be major operation
            to take city
2006 Mujahedeen Shura Council became ISI Announced Islamic State in Baghdad
            Anbar Diyala Kirkuk Salahaddin Ninewa Babil
2006 New ISI announced Abu Omar al-Baghdadi emir of Islamic State
(Musings On Iraq interview with Naval War College’s Prof Whiteside on who was Abu
Omar al-Baghdadi)
2006 Report splits within ISI between Zarqawi’s lieutenants and followers of military chief Masri
2006 Interior Min Bolani said he had PM Maliki’s backing to purge his ministry of sectarian actors
Same time denied its forces were involved in sectarian killings Blamed Facilities Protection Service and imposters using police uniforms
2006 Report Talk of PM Maliki stepping down and 5 man council ruling Iraq and declaring martial
2006 Report Sadr complained about Shiite death squads using the name of Mahdi Army and backed
by Iranian Rev Guard and Hezbollah
2015 Abadi cabinet approved new pay scale for govt workers to cut costs pushed as
            reform move Led to protests by civil workers
2015 KRG PM Barzani removed four Gorran ministers from KRG cabinet
2017 PUK Peshmerga withdrew from areas of Bashir and Taza in south Kirkuk ceding
            territory to Iraqi forces
2017 PM Abadi gave Kurds 48 hours to vacate territory military bases oil fields
            occupied in 2014 by Peshmerga
2017 Fighting broke out between Peshmerga and Hashd in Tuz Kharmato again

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