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This Day In Iraqi History - Dec 25 Asaib Ahl Al-Haq threatened to attack Interior Min and free men arrested for rocket attack upon Green Zone

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1920 Gertrude Bell wrote that Faisal was the only solution to Iraq and its first choice to be king

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1938 PM Midfai resigned to King Ghazi after overthrown by pan-Arab Circle of 7 officers King asked

Nuri al-Said to be PM Solidified his position as top politicians until 1958 coup 2nd of 9 times he was PM Moved to punish Sulaiman for killing his brother in law Jaafar al-Askari in 1936 coup

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1943 Regent asked PM Nuri al-Said to form his 3rd cabinet Made Mullah Mustafa Barzani Minister of

Kurdish Affairs in failed attempt to co-opt him and end his revolt

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1959 Trial began for 78 Baathists involved in failed assassination attempt Most admitted guilt

Leaders given death sentences but not carried out

1986 Iraqi counterattack pushed Iranians back into Shatt al-Arab Ended Iran’s Op Karbala 4 Iran lost

9,000-12,000 casualties vs 3,000 Iraqi casualties

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2005 Report US mismanaged developing Iraq’s electricity network Installed 26 natural gas turbines

at 7 plants when Iraq didn’t have gas or infrastructure to support them

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2006 British destroyed Jamiat police station in Basra HQ of Serious Crimes Unit run by Mahdi Army

infamous for arrests torture corruption Found 127 prisoners who’d been tortured Arrested policemen from Crime Unit for running death squads

(Musings On Iraq US Army History Iraq War Vol 1 – Chapter 22 – The Failed Transition)

2012 Iraqiya boycotted cabinet 2nd time over arrest warrant for Fin Min Issawi

(Musings On Iraq Prime Minister Maliki Targets Another Member Of The Iraqi National Movement In An Act Of Political Intimidation)

2012 5 KDP members given 2 yrs in prison for burning offices of Kurdistan Islamic Union in Zakho in 2011

27 other KDP members found guilty but given no jail time

2012 Iran-Iraq deal signed Iran would supply natural gas to Iraq power stations and build pipeline that

would extend to Syria Syrian part never done due to war

2013 Acting Def Min Dulaimi said govt would not shut down Ramadi protest site PM Maliki said there were

30 ISI leaders at the protest sites

(Musings On Iraq Iraq’s PM Maliki Goes From Offensive Against Al Qaeda To Crackdown On Anbar Protestors)

2016 PM Barzani said KRG could use force to expel PKK from Ninewa Accused PKK of stopping

people from returning to Sinjar District used to be under KDP control now contested by PKK

2020 Asaib Ahl Al-Haq posted videos of armed men on social media Then had men hit streets of

Baghdad Said waiting for leader Khazali to give word and they would attack Interior Min and free members arrested Dec 21 for rocket attacks on Green Zone

2020 PM Kazemi deployed Counter Terror Service to Baghdad to respond to Asaib Ahl Al-Haq

threats and put Federal Police on alert Tweeted that he was ready to take on outlaws threatening his govt

2020 National Sec Adv Araji held talks with Asaib Ahl Al-Haq and got it to back down from

threats vs PM Kazemi

2020 Asabi Ahl Al-Haq leader Khazali said that tensions with Kazemi govt had been resolved but

pro-Iran groups had right to attack Americans Kataib Hezbollah said it would cut off Kazemi’s ears

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